Do Revenge ending explained: Do Drea and Eleanor get their revenge?

Do Revenge is a teen comedy about two high school girls who band together to destroy the people responsible for ruining their own lives. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Drea is having an enormously grand party in her honour after appearing in a teen vogue video and being the subject of a profile in the Rosehill high school magazine. She’s got an elite circle of friends and is dating the most popular guy at school, everything she does is to help her get into Yale.

Drea doesn’t come from a privileged family like her peers, she has to fight and earn everything that she has achieved but it all comes crashing down pretty quickly. Her boyfriend, Max, leaks an intimate video of her to the entire school, ruining her reputation.

Drea punches Max in retaliation and is put on behavioural probation and sentenced to community service by the Headmaster. She spends her summer working at a prestigious tennis camp in Palm Beach where she meets Eleanor after encountering car trouble.

Eleanor is transferring to Rosehill and expresses sympathy for Drea’s situation by sharing her own experience of betrayal. She talks about a girl named Carissa who spread a rumour at summer camp when they were 13 about Eleanor forcing herself on Carissa when in reality all Eleanor did was come out as queer.

Eleanor says that Carissa goes to Rosehill and she is dreading the thought of spending her senior year there. On the first day back, Drea is shunned from her clique and learns that Max is dating her former best friend, Tara.

Eleanor gets a quick tour of the school and is introduced to the various cliques in the school by Gabbi, Max’s sister. During the first assembly, Max draws attention to Drea as a means to introduce a sham club that is supposed to support female-identifying students.

Eleanor checks in with Drea and the two of them discuss possible ways to get back at the people that wronged them. Drea gets the idea that since they have no obvious connections, they can “do revenge” for each other.

Eleanor is sceptical about the plan but goes along with it anyway because she wants to see Carissa burnt to the ground. Eleanor gets a makeover to win over Max while Drea gets close to Carissa to find a way to take her down.

With Drea’s help, Eleanor gets in with Max and the rest of the clique while Drea volunteers at the garden where Carissa works where she also meets Russ, Carissa’s friend. Eleanor attends a party where she finds evidence that Max is cheating on Tara with another girl.

Drea gets her hands on Carissa’s keys to a private greenhouse she maintains on campus. Carissa is responsible for cooking the dinner for the ring ceremony that is held before the winter break for all the students.

When they investigate the greenhouse, they find that Carissa is growing mushrooms and marijuana there and Drea figures out the best plan to kill two birds with one stone. She plans to spike the ceremony dinner with the mushrooms and while everyone is tripping, Eleanor can get Max’s phone and access his messages.

Things go exactly according to plan as everyone trips on cue and Drea anonymously tips the Headmaster about Carissa’s organic exploits. Carissa is expelled from school while Eleanor and Drea find out that Max is actually dating one girl from every clique and this has been going on for years.

They decide to leak the texts on Valentine’s day as a twisted form of karma. In the meantime, Drea gets closer to Russ and they form a romantic relationship while Eleanor develops a crush on Gabbi.

They leak the texts as planned but the backlash doesn’t last long as Max and Tara manage to spin the story in their favour. To make matters worse, Drea is informed that she has been rejected by Yale because her grades have dropped and someone informed them about how she punched Max.

Drea is completely broken down and left with nothing to lose so when Eleanor suggests taking everyone else down, Drea jumps at the opportunity. Eleanor tells Drea that she would first like to do something for her birthday together but Drea is more focused on revenge.

Max and the rest of the gang host a surprise party for Eleanor and when Drea finds out, she confronts her. Eleanor is pushed into a corner and she says some mean things to Drea, which Gabbi overhears.

Drea has trouble with her car once again and when she calls the mechanic, they tell her that the last time she had car trouble, it was just someone messing with her. This raises doubts about Eleanor in Drea’s mind.

Do Revenge ending explained in detail:

What is Eleanor’s real identity?

Drea wants to know more about Eleanor so she goes to the person she’s already aware has a connection to her. She visits Carissa who is now at some fancy rehabilitation retreat.

Carissa says that she and Eleanor did like each other and that they were each other’s first crush but she wasn’t the one who spread the rumour, it was Drea herself.

She then reveals that Eleanor got a nose job and goes by a different name now, but back then she went by Nora while everyone else called her “Nosy Nora Cutler”. Everything comes rushing back to Drea as she remembers what she had done to Eleanor.

What is Eleanor’s true plan?

Drea comes back home to find Eleanor cooking for her. Eleanor says that she knows Drea went to visit Carissa and the fact that she is being referred to Nora means that the truth is out.

She says she had the upper hand from the start before repeating Drea’s words right back to her, “Narcissists are too focused on themselves to realize they’re being played.”

She says that her plan isn’t done until Drea is forced to live her pain and trauma forever, just like Eleanor has to. She reveals that the final part of her plan is for Drea to attend the admissions party and expose the other students before taking the fall for it herself.

She also tells Drea that she told Russ everything and then hits Drea’s car as she’s rushing to see him. She does this to get Drea back with the cool kids and convince her to go with her plan even if she doesn’t want to.

What happens at the admissions party?

Tara meets with Drea and apologizes for the way the year has gone, admitting that she’s made a bunch of bad decisions that she isn’t proud of. Eleanor looks at everything she’s done and admits to herself that she doesn’t feel any better but she has no choice now but to follow through.

They both show up at the party where Eleanor gives Drea a brooch with a camera on it. Drea puts it on but makes it known that she’s not at all happy with this. Eleanor tries to push Drea to get high but Drea reveals to everyone else that Eleanor is actually “Nosy Nora”.

Eleanor walks away and Drea goes out after her apologising. She says that everything they accomplished together hasn’t made her happier and Eleanor agrees. Drea tells Eleanor that she’s probably the only true friend she’s ever made and Eleanor has similar feelings.

Max walks up to them and reveals that he knows what they’ve been up to. He looked into Eleanor’s phone and found out that they were responsible for his texts getting leaked.

He admits to leaking Drea’s video in the first place because he felt unappreciated after she used him to move up Rosehill. He says that he’s going to use his connections to run them into the ground.

Eleanor begins laughing as soon as he leaves and when Drea asks her why, she reveals that even though Drea just destroyed her brooch camera, Eleanor had a second one as insurance.

What happens to Eleanor and Drea?

They immediately broadcast the video to everyone at the party who immediately turn on Max and throw him out. Max is eventually expelled and Drea is informed that a spot is open at Yale if she wants it but she’s learnt not to confine herself to a singular goal.

The two of them skip their graduation to enjoy some quality time together as best friends with an unbreakable bond.

She makes peace with Russ and tells him that she came clean about drugging the ceremony dinner herself. Eleanor makes things up with Gabbi after Gabbi spoke with Drea and learns the whole truth about what they’ve been up to.

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