Chad & JT Go Deep ending explained: Do Chad and JT become friends again?

Chad & JT Go Deep is a documentary-style prank comedy series that follows comedians Chad and JT as they take their activism to the streets of Southern California to raise public awareness about important issues. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The series follows Chad and JT as they begin their activism with a petition to stop talking trash on e-scooters because they are both pretty prominent e-scooter riders and have been subjected to severe verbal abuse each time they go out riding.

The majority of Chad and JT’s actions are idiotic, such as dancing in the street for coral conservation or petitioning the city council for a place to practise perineum sunning.

Their campaign for opposing the ban on parties in the Hollywood Hills gains popularity, and they are invited to speak about their activism at the world-famous music producer Zedd’s rager.

Chad and JT fight for the skateboarders’ freedom and safety, but a dubious photo sparks controversy and costs them half of their fan base, as well as an invitation from Zedd.

Chad and JT are depressed after being cancelled by their fans on social media when they unintentionally run into Jordana Brewster who plays Mia Toretto in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. They only refer to her by her screen name though.

They apologise for their mistake on a live TV show after receiving an unexpected celebrity pep talk from Jordana. Chad and JT up the ante on their activism by tackling the environmental issue of cliff erosion in Isla Vista.

After having an epiphany during their friend Kevin’s trip to Catalina Island, Chad and JT present a new shmole-based programme to the city council meeting. Chad and JT decide to turn a fleeting feeling of insecurity during a streaking experience into a brave new movement after resisting the impulse to go full shmole.

To support their friend Kevin, who is ashamed when people comment on his small dong, they spearhead a movement to scrap “Small Dong Shame” for men who aren’t well-endowed.

When Chad realises he’s not so small after all and is actually average, he bemoans a fast-food drive-through worker. At the march, he makes an outright confession about it, sparking a movement that swiftly gains popularity online.

Chad & JT Go Deep ending explained in detail:

Why do Chad and JT part ways?

Their efforts to secure an invitation from Zedd failed tragically after being cancelled by their supporters on social media owing to a scandal. With time and options running out, they seek advice from their guru, Troy.

They both come up with different ideas to discover an activist cause that will appeal to everyone.

JT announces during the city council meeting that they will shave their domes to raise awareness about deforestation in the Amazon. Meanwhile, Chad believes that planting more avocado trees would be preferable to shaving their domes.

Zedd and his club appreciate JT’s shave dome challenge, which gets them invited to Zedd’s rager in Las Vegas. JT is frustrated by Chad’s refusal to “shave his dome” for a good cause. They both split up and go their separate ways due to a breakdown in communication and a lack of understanding.

Why do Chad and JT get cancelled?

After being invited by Zedd, Chad and JT carry out a series of ludicrous stunts. To generate donations for the coral reefs, they arrange a Hollywood bus tour for cinephiles, showing the places from their beloved “Fast and Furious” franchise.

During their bus tour, they discover that their “protect our borders” image has been taken up by the mainstream media and is spreading like wildfire.

A few days prior, for the safety and freedom of skateboarders, they set up a booth in Huntington Beach to fight for the cause, with slogans like “protect our boarders.” People on social media cancel them because of a misunderstanding about the distinction between “boarders” as in skateboarders and “borders” as in open borders.

How does Chad make up with JT?

When a communication breakdown leads to a bro breakup, Chad and JT pursue their separate interests, putting their friendship in jeopardy.

Weeks after the incident, Chad posts on social media about volunteering to teach children to read, and JT decides to join college again. Chad realises that he made a significant mistake by leaving his friend JT at the Zedd’s rager alone because he cared more about his hair than his friend, as he and the other students read the Fast and Furious script in class.

Chad arrives at the city council meeting as JT is giving his final goodbye speech. He makes a public statement about how, by failing to shave his dome, he abandoned JT and their friendship.

Chad adds that he learned that activism isn’t about going to a sick party in Las Vegas, having flawless hair, or saving the environment. It’s about sticking by your boys and not running away. Chad shaves his dome for JT after this remark.

Their inspiring journey and shave dome challenge go viral on social media. Everyone starts shaving their domes from all around the world. This final thing gets them uncanceled by the Internet, resulting in a happy ending with their entire squad reuniting.

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