Maya D’Souza: Jaane Jaan (Suspect X) character explained

Maya D’Souza is one of the central figures in the Netflix film Jaane Jaan (Suspect X), the official Indian adaptation of the Japanese novel The Devotion of Suspect X. Maya is played by Kareena Kapoor.


Maya is introduced as a single mother living in the town of Kalimpong in West Bengal. She has a teenage daughter named Tara.

Although not much is revealed about her past, details are slowly divulged after the appearance of Ajit, her ex-husband, who ios a corrupt police officer..

Ajit returns to her life to extort money. She had run away from him after he forced her to become a stripper for cash. She had even changed her name from Soniya to Maya.

He manages to locate Maya and doesn’t stop even when she offers him all the money she has. Ajit has his eyes on their daughter.

He wants to force her to become a stripper, just as he had done with her mother. Tara attacks him from behind when he is threatening Maya, causing a scuffle between the three.

Maya and Tara, together, manage to subdue Ajit and strangle him to death. 

Maya and Naren (Naroo)

Maya’s neighbour, Naren, has always been in love with her. He figures out the fact that Maya and Tara have killed Ajit, and offers to help them.

Naren is a genius mathematician, who serves as a teacher at a local school. He uses his intellect to etch out a plan that will save the two.

He doesn’t even relent when his capable childhood classmate, Karan, gets involved in the case. Karan is a cop tasked with locating Ajit, who was named by several drug traders in a hawala case.

Maya never really questions why Naren is willing to go so far to help him. All she wants is for her and Tara to not be arrested for the crime.

She follows all instructions that Naren gives without question. She trusts his judgement but never realises why he is risking his own life for her.

Suspect X

Naren, who ends up as the titular suspect X by the end of the film, finally confesses why he was willing to go this far for Maya.

Maya was his second love, after mathematics. She is the one who prevented him from committing suicide after someone else solved a mathematics problem two days before Naren, which had taken the latter 10 years.

For Maya, it was all about her family. She is thankful for Naren’s sacrifice but does not even feel guilty that he is willing to take the fall for her. She is just relieved that she and Tara are safe.

Maya’s attitude throughout the film shows that her family is always her priority. She is even oblivious to the fact that Naren is in love with her until he tells her explicitly.

Ultimately, Maya and Tara continue their normal life, while Naren attempts to solve a mathematics problem in jail that will take him 15 years.

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