Maverix summary and ending explained

Maverix is an action-filled thrilling story about six motocross racers who team up together as Maverix and passionately train for the upcoming National Championships.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Griffo and his son, Scott, are opening a new motocross training academy, Maverix, and are actively looking for students for a motocross race event.

Griffo is a former motocross champion, and Scott is just getting started. While witnessing the race, two new racers, Jenny Chivas and Richie Peterson catch the father-son duo’s eyes and are invited to join Maverix.

However, a rival team, Katzo, is always on the go to poke fun at Scott but being the best name in motocross also runs in high demand hiring.

Kaden Li, a rich brat, is one among the riders who want to join Katzo but first, he has to beat the national champion Lawson Tyler in the race.

Scott and Griffo offer Kaden a space in Maverix, but he is determined to join Katzo. However, Kaden couldn’t outrace Lawson and agreed to join Maverix. 

On the other hand, Richie’s parents are hesitant to let him train for motocross because they want him to study hard for his scholarship exams.

However, Richie soon convinces his parents and joins Maverix. Thus, by the end of the race, Maverix has three new riders.

After the training begins, the non-disciplined riders give Griffo and Scott a difficult time. Griffo later learns that two of the academy students will eventually not join, that brings in a problem of funds.

Meanwhile, Bear Wallis, a social media star who posts videos of bike races and crashes, is caught by the police. His mother, Tanya, wanting to help her kid, brings him to Maverix because Griffo is an old friend.

Bear, totally unwanting to join Maverix, calls his father and asks him to get him out of that place, but his father doesn’t respond. Slowly, he adapts to the site and starts liking his teammates.

Tanya suggests that Maverix has talent but lacks talent management and that her MBA skills can be helpful. Thus, she becomes the manager of the team.

Despite how talented the team is, they lack integrity and discipline. Scott becomes the team captain but has more to learn about what a captain means.

Meanwhile, Ange, a girl from the neighbourhood, helps her brother steal motor equipments from Maverix’s garage and often gets caught. Coincidentally, she is also a biker and races well.

While the team constantly fails to be integrated and supportive towards each other, Ange plays a crucial role in bringing them together while working in the Maverix tracks in exchange for getting her bike repaired.

Scott understands her talent and importance and asks his father to take her in as a team member. However, she cannot pay the academy fees, and the need for a sponsor arises.

Tanya introduces Griffo and the team to the owner of Brewian Motors, Barb, who is a potential sponsor. To get her sponsorship, the team has to perform great in the race.

But, things do not go well, and the team does not perform well in the race. However, Barb is impressed by the team’s potential and miraculously decides to sponsor them.

After getting sponsorship, better bikes, and newly cultured togetherness, the team is unstoppable.

Meanwhile, the individual team members have their conflicts to solve.

Finally, the NT Championship day arrives, and two significant things happen to the team. First, Jenny wins the title. Second, Scott makes a mistake that can directly be referred to as cheating.

Intimidated by the events, Maverix loses its sponsorship, and the team falls apart. However, Scott compensates for his mistake and honestly qualifies for Nationals.

But the scattered team members do not find life better away from Maverix. The longing for team spirit in Maverix brings them together finally.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a detailed breakdown.

Maverix ending explained in detail:

The accident

On the final race day, Griffo and Vic get caught up in a race track accident and get injured. While Vic is less injured, Griffo gets admitted to the hospital for fractured ribs.

Scott gets very upset with his father and does not want to leave his side while he is supposed to race in the finals.

Overcoming obstacles

Jenny, Bear, and Ange learn that their bikes have all been damaged. This was done by Katzo as their immodest winning strategy. 

However, Richie, the mechanical expert, helps the team and gets their bikes working again.

Meanwhile, Kaden learns about the immoral politics in Katzo but denies abiding by the orders. Nevertheless, he wins the race when he is ordered not to, thus, becoming a new champion on the team.

He is then ordered to defeat Scott in the finals through any means. Highly disappointed by such dirty politics, in the final staging of the race, Kaden puts a Maverix sticker on his bike and takes off his Katzo jersey.

Similarly, Richie rides races from his school, but his bike stops in the middle. He had constantly been asking the bike attendant to half rotate a part the attendant didn’t.

But, he still manages to finish his race. 

Meanwhile, Griffo asks Scott to continue his race and not worry about him. And Scott wins the Nationals claiming the trophy.

Maverix- the team 

In the end, the team Maverix gets back together, not entirely in numbers, but they are united by heart. They support each other and are happy for each other to win.

It is like a compensation act; the team fell apart because of Scott and was reunited again because of Scott’s win.

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