Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles summary and ending explained

Samurai Rabbit follows the life of Yuichi, a descendant of the greatest Samurai, Miyamoto Usagi. Yuichi is destined to become a Samurai like his ancestors. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Yuichi is a passionate rabbit who always wished to become a Samurai like his ancestors. However, after ruining his aunt’s crops, Yuichi decides that he must leave for Neo Edo, a city where his ancestor, Miyamoto Usagi, served.

His aunt realizes that Yuichi must fulfil his dreams and thus blesses him with her sword that has been a family heirloom. Although Yuichi believes that he is already a great fighter, his aunt makes him promise that he must find a sensei in the city.

However, after moving to the city, Yuichi doesn’t reflect on his promise to his aunt.

The city’s glamour distracted Yuichi most of the time, and he kept finding a reason to fight and use his sword.

While a criminal Warimashi is on the run, Yuichi meets Gen, a rhinoceros. Gen was capturing Warimashi, but Yuichi let him go. Thus, Gen starts chasing Yuichi angrily.

Soon, they come across Kitsune, a puppet showrunner who also steals. Yuichi somehow destroys her puppet, which makes Kitsune chase Yuichi as well.

While running, they land in the ancient Kaikishi Temple, where the Ki-stone has been trapping several Yokais for more than a thousand years.

Yuichi, who is constantly mistaken for the looks of his ancestor, Miyamoto Usagi, mistakenly frees the Yokai from the Ki-stone. This leads to several disruptions in the city of Neo Edo.

The ruler of the city, Lord Kogane, puts Yuichi and his friends in jail for disrupting the city.

But, as Kogane encounters the Nature Yokai, he frees Yuichi, who is now referred to as Usagi and asks him to fight the Yokai.

Soon Usagi realizes that he needs a Sensei to become a complete Samurai. So he chooses Nature Yokai, Karasu-Tengu, to be his Sensei.

However, Nature Yokai throws a challenge before Usagi, upon the completion of which, she shall be his Sensei.

As the challenge, Usagi embarks on his journey to defeat three dangerous Yokai- Distraction, Deception, and Destruction. 

Usagi successfully defeated Distraction and Destruction Yokai and trapped them inside the Ki-stone. Every time Yuichi traps a Yokai into the Ki-stone, he gets a vision of his ancestor.

He starts to realize that his ancestor was indeed a bad person, contrary to his own beliefs. 

When he tries to trap the Deception Yokai, he realizes that it will be the wrong decision to make. Thus, he decides to leave the Yokai as a friend of Hana.

But, saddened by the truth about Miyamoto Usagi, Yuichi decides to go back to his aunt in the country. He also takes Hana and her Yokai friend Kana.

Upon reaching, Kana reveals herself as Nature Yokai herself and decides to be Yuichi’s Sensei.

She warns Yuichi about an upcoming threat in the city and trains him in the mountains.

Upon receiving training, Usagi returns to Neo Edo, where the situation has already worsened due to Kagehito, a powerful and dangerous Yokai.

Kagehito has a soul oath to attach the Clavis on the Ki-stone. Yuichi could not stop him from doing so.

After Kagehito attached the clavis with the Ki-Stone, he realizes that he was possessed and made to do these things.

He guides Yuchi accordingly and asks him to stop this. The clavis opened a portal in space where the Old beings reside. Their mechanical force is headed towards Neo Edo, and that will lead to the destruction of the city and its people.

In another vision, the entire city realizes that Miyamoto Usagi was a hero and not a traitor and has a broken piece of the Ki-stone.

Yuichi realizes that the broken stone is on his sword and starts to find it.

While the course of finding the stone takes place, the mechanical beings have already taken over the Ki-stone.

Yuichi fights the mechanical force and attaches the broken piece with the Ki-stone making it more powerful, leading to the closing of the portal in the sky.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles ending explained in detail:

Correction of the past

After Kagehito attaches the clavis to the Ki-stone, a portal in the sky opens. This portal can lead the old beings and the mechanical force into the city of Neo Edo and destroy it.

Usagi thinks that the only way to close the portal is to remove the clavis. While trying to remove it, a wave of vision is thrown upon the entire city of Neo Edo. 

Everyone watches how Miyamoto Usagi was a hero who captured one of the most dangerous Yokai, Sagehito, into the Ki-stone.

Consequences and solutions

They also realize that Miyamoto Usagi’s sword made a hole in the Ki-stone, and the broken part is missing.

Kagehito says that if the missing piece is attached back to the stone, it becomes more powerful and closes the gateway.

Netsuke says that the part has been missing for a thousand years.

But, he remembers that the broken piece is attached to the sword that his aunt gave him and embarks on finding his aunt.

After searching for the sword, when Yuichi returns to the Kaikishi Temple, the mechanical force has already taken control.

Thus, Yuichi fights them and successfully attaches the broken piece to the Ki-stone. This closes the gateway, and the entire city gains back its power.

Awaited future

After the power comes back, Usagi and the team encounter another mechanical being and kill them. They assume that it was the last one left in the city.

However, two mechanical beings were left undestroyed. Both these creatures hide in the underground, leaving a trail for the next conflict in season 2.

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