Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2 summary and ending explained

‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ follows the adventures of He-Man and Teela as they protect the secrets of the universe from Skeletor and his ally, Evil-Lyn. Part 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix.


The story continues with Skeletor (Mark Hamill), and his newfound strength attained with the sword of power, attempting to fulfil his dream of killing Prince Adam (Chris Wood), now that he is in a weakened state. Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Man-at-Arms (Liam Cunningham), Andra (Tiffany Smith), Cringer (Stephen Root), and the Sorceress (Susan Eisenberg) all do their best to hold him off.

Evil-Lyn (Lena Heady) and Beast Man (Kevin Michael Richardson) are back at Skeletor’s side and are engaged in combat with the heroes. Skeletor is hugely overpowered and he makes it count, easily subduing the rest. He’s about to strike down Adam, but before he can do so the sorceress uses the last ounces of her strength to send them out of Castle Grayskull.

Skeletor promptly murders the sorceress and makes Evil-Lyn the new sorceress of Grayskull so that she can tell him where the others have gone. After finding out that they were sent to the palace in Eternus city, he heads over and immediately turns the remaining civilians into an army of the living dead to serve him.

When Adam and the rest first arrive at the palace, Teela shows glimpses of new abilities as she cures Adam’s stab wound efficiently. Later on, they come face to face with Skeletor and Adam decides to call on the power of Grayskull without the sword as a conduit.

It turns him into a powerful yet primitive man, filled with rage and might. He and Skeletor get into a fight that begins to cause destruction in the city, so Teela repeats the transportation spell she heard the sorceress chant and successfully transports them to the mystic mountains.

At the mountains, Teela, Andra, and Cringer lose track of Adam in his wild state. All of them are drawn to the sound of horns and arrive at the base camp of the Eternians, where King Randor is currently holed up. Adam leaps towards the camp in anger, ready to punish him out of resentment, but Randor has learned from his mistakes and finally shows his son the love that he deserved.

Adam returns to normal and is reunited with his mother and father. Teela and Andra also stick around as they plan their next steps to dethrone Skeletor and strip him of the power of Grayskull. Back at the Castle, Skeletor is still trying to figure out how Adam was able to call on the power of Grayskull without the sword.

He has had a glimpse of the entire universe thanks to his abilities, and he shares this image with Lyn. Although Lyn is now the sorceress, she is constantly belittled by Skeletor. Lyn reminisces about the time she first met Skeletor and how she owes everything she has achieved in life to him.

She is given advice by Man-at-Arms and Beast Man who suggest that she use her power to get out from under Skeletor’s thumb instead. Skeletor may have given her support, but only for his own selfish purposes.

She heeds their advice and manages to trick Skeletor into relieving his strength and letting go of the sword of power. She takes it herself and calls on the power to become a supreme being. In her first act, she destroys the land of Preternia, so that everyone who dies, has nowhere else to go but hell.

Her plan is to erase all of existence when the celestial apex arrives and all the planets align with Eternia at the center of the universe. Skeletor escapes and immediately goes to Adam and the other heroes to come up with a plan to face this new threat.

By now Teela comes to accept the fact that she is actually the sorceress’ daughter and that she also has the magic flowing within her. She tries to harness that power to send out a psychic message to every being on Eternia as a call to arms in their upcoming battle against Dark Lyn.

They come up with a plan and immediately begin setting it in motion. Adam and Skeletor head to Castle Grayskull from the front as a means of distraction so that Teela and Andra can breach it from below. They are faced with a few guards but are rescued when Man-At-Arms shows up, free from his imprisonment.

Will they be able to successfully defeat Dark Lyn? What of Teela’s destiny as a sorceress? Will Lyn bring an end to Eternia and the rest of the universe?

Here is the ending of Masters of the Universe: Revelations Part 2 explained in detail (Episode 5: Comes with Everything you see here):

We have the power

King Randor arrives with an army at the gates of the castle, ready to fight for the survival of their planet. Lyn raises an army from Subternia to fight on her behalf which includes the keeper of Subternia himself, Scareglow (Tony Todd). Inside the castle, Adam and Skeletor struggle to land any blows on Lyn and Cringer is under attack from a now feral Beast man.

All seems lost for a moment, but Orko (Griffin Newman) appears from thin air and turns the tide. He projects copies of himself to fight Lyn and Scareglow. In the skirmish, the sword of power is knocked from Lyn’s hand and is obtained by Adam.

He calls for the power and shares it with Skeletor and Cringer, so that they may save the universe together. Down below, Teela sees the spirit of her mother, who proclaims that in order to become the new sorceress, she must let go of her worldly tethers and give in to the magic.

Teela disagrees, stating that it is the love and the memory of those nearest and dearest that truly makes her stronger.

Battle between Gods

Teela joins in the battle, fresh from accepting the power and her place as the new sorceress of Grayskull. She and Evil-Lyn fight in the skies and across the universe, allowing Adam to focus on the battle outside the castle. However, Skeletor decides the time is right and betrays him.

Adam and Skeletor trade blows until Adam’s mother intervenes by firing at Skeletor. Adam rejoins the army and vanquishes several of the dead creatures. The King, Man-At-Arms, Andra also take down thier fare share of baddies while Orko is occupied with Scareglow.

He uses his magic to take out Scareglow once and for all. Teela takes Lyn to beginning of time, to show her the real beauty behind all existence, and change her mind. Show her that she doesn’t need to really put an end to the universe because there is so much to live for.

Restoring order to the universe

Adam overcomes Skeletor and knocks him far across the land. Teela convinces Lyn to give up her crusade and bring back peace to Eternia. The battle is finally brought to a close.

With all the dead returning from whence they came, Orko begins to dissipate as well but Lyn holds onto him saying that it isn’t his time yet.

With the battle won, a celebration takes place at the palace. This time it is to commorate the occasion of Andra being chosen as Man-At-Arms after her heroic showing during the battle.

Adam and Teela share a moment together outside. They promise to stand by each other and not keep any more secrets. The new sorceress will always need her champion, and so Teela will always be by Adam’s side.

At Snake Mountain, Skeletor is berating his henchmen. They claim that all their actions were at the behest of the Motherboard. When he tries to attack the idol, his spell bounces off. The statue then morphs into a winged figure who seizes Skeletor with a set of tubes and begins to fill him up with a mysterious liquid. That’s where the season concludes.

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