Mamoru Sagami: maboroshi character explained

In maboroshi, Mamoru Sagami is the father of Mutsumi and the film’s main antagonist. Setsuji Satō and Andrew Kishino voice Sagami.

Mamoru Sagami is an employee at the Mifuse steel factory and is left as terrified as everyone when they confront the reality that Mifuse faces after the explosion at the factory.

The Sagamis have a reputation for being oddballs. However, after learning about the kind of world they inhabit now, the townspeople buy Sagami’s explanation, which suggests that they are facing divine punishment.

Sagami has long been pushed away by people. His behavior suggests that he has been lonely, and even small gestures like Akimune referring to him as his friend bring him genuine joy.

Anyhow, nobody likes the idea of Sagami being the leader, but his words convince the people. He knows about the gods of Mifuse better than anyone and has been serving the Mifuse shrine.

Mamoru Sagami’s approach

Sagami’s approach to protecting the town is rather selfish and driven by fear. Overall, he is a complex character heavily affected by the supernatural events in the town.

Mamoru Sagami worships the steel factory, which he claims has turned into a Sacred Machine of the gods that releases a form of smoke that looks like a wolf, known as the Sacred Wolf.

Mamoru Sagami: maboroshi character explained 1
Sagami announces that the people of Mifuse are facing divine punishment

When Masamune’s father, Akimune, discovers Itsumi, who has crossed over into their world from reality and is responsible for the cracks in their world, Akimune suggests that they send her back home to avoid further casualties.

Itsumi’s emotions cause the cracks, and it will be difficult for them to manage the situation once she matures. Sagami is more concerned about their survival, fearing that they will be erased from their existence if Itsumi leaves.

Hence, instead of sending her back home, Sagami confines her at the factory and robs her of her chances of having a good life.

Sagami convinces the people that they need to follow what he says if they want to survive. It is later that it is revealed that everything about the Sacred Machine is a lie.

The truth is that they are all phantoms, and their world is on the brink of ending, no matter how hard they try to save it.

Sagami’s fate

The truth divides the people of Mifuse, with some seeing this life of eternity as a gift while others see it as a curse.

Sagami ends up forming a cult to worship Itsumi and preserve the world that they have. Despite Sagami’s immense efforts, Masamune and Mutsumi send Itsumi back home.

The fate of Sagami and the rest of the people of Mifuse is not revealed. However, it is hinted that they might have returned to the real world too.

Mutsumi was hurt, and she felt something had changed. Moreover, she claims that she hears a baby crying after sending Itsumi home.

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