As The Crow Flies summary and ending explained

As The Crow Flies is a drama-based series which follows Asli making her way into the newsroom of a seasoned anchor- Lale but she quickly runs into the negative side of ambition, envy, and the need to be noticed.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

When Lale Kiran arrives at an institution as a guest speaker for a seminar, Asli Tuna meets Lale for the first time. Asli approaches Lale inside the washroom as she prepares to leave the college.

It’s then that Lale advises her that if she wants to be a genuine journalist, she has to set more realistic objectives and focus on news stories rather than individuals like her.

Lale Kiran has been a news anchor for a show called “The Other Side”, which she co-founded with her closest friend, Muge Turkmen, and her dedicated mentor and ex-boyfriend, Kenan, the show’s producer. The three of them work for the MON5 television network, which is run by a lady named Gul.

Asli decides to start working as an intern at MON5 in an attempt to infiltrate and finally conquer Lale’s zone and she finally gets employed.

While working at MON5, Asli causes a disagreement between Lale and her assistant, Ozge, to obtain the role of Lale’s assistant. She dupes Selim, Lale’s husband into thinking Lale is growing close to her old sweetheart Kenan while lying to Kenan about Lale’s emotions for him.

Ozge was upset by her dismissal, and on her way home, she is involved in a car accident. When Lale returned to the hospital to see Ozge, Asli greeted her at the door and told her flatly that Ozge no longer wanted to see her.

Lale, on the other hand, was able to make the connection since she never informed anyone, that she wasn’t going to see Ozge; instead, it was Asli who urged her not to go. Lale finally realised what Asli was up to.

When Kenan and Lale were younger, they had a relationship. Nonetheless, Kenan decided it was the appropriate time to make a move and get back with his ex-girlfriend when Asli re-ignited his love for her and lied to him about Lale’s affection for him. Lale cleared the air and said unequivocally that things would never work out between them. As a result, Kenan needed to move on with his life and career.

Despite the difficulties, Lale shines, but Asli sees the downside of ambition.

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Asli had a great fall

Kenan was supposed to be Asli’s stepping stone to the top, but she made the wrong choice. Kenan sacked her from her job the next day after she confessed her actual intentions to him and slept with him, and Asli was distraught.

In the heat of the moment, she went to Lale’s house and started arguing with her, believing it was Lale who had removed her from the workplace. Asli lost control of herself when Lale put up a mirror in front of her. She shattered glass on Lale’s head and assaulted her with other objects.

Asli examines a bloody-headed Lale who appears to be unconscious. Her coworker advises her to go home and that he would look after Lale. Lale informs her coworker that she does not want to report the event to the police since there are “plenty of other Aslis”.

She seemed to understand that this is what occurs when you reach the summit. You’re being pursued. Even after such an incident, Lale chose not to report Asli because she did not want the situation to become public.


Gul, the network’s CEO, obtained the tape which proved that Asli had stolen a pen drive from Muge’s workstation to eliminate Ozge. Gul thought that Asli may be a dangerous weapon in her fight to keep Lale in the network and prevent her from leaving.

Muge, Lale’s best friend, was influenced by Asli. Asli informs Muge that Gul has picked her and persuades her colleague to launch a mutiny against Lale to smear her reputation. Muge then informs the crew that they will be covering a phoney news story – she’s setting Lale up.

It’s a triumph. Some colleagues are sceptical of the strategy and seek to help Lale, dividing the team. Anyone who isn’t on board, according to Muge, will have their contracts terminated and will earn bad recommendations.

They intended to provide Lale with phoney news to report, which would almost certainly ruin her public image. Muge had cunningly snatched Lale’s phone, so she used the security guard’s phone to call a friend to corroborate the story, and she was terrified after learning that her own best friend had deceived her merely to disgrace Lale in public.

People’s hero

Lale delivers the bogus news and Lale’s resignation is being demanded on social media. However, she quickly stopped and explained to the audience on live video that the whole thing was a filthy hoax perpetrated by her coworkers.

Muge and Gul attempted to halt the show, but Kenan refused to let them inside the studio, and the network’s whole crew finally sided with Lale because she was doing the right thing.

Lale quits the broadcast while saying her final goodbyes to her listeners to save her honour. Everyone’s huge plan to bring down Lale Kiran backfired, and she finally became a folk hero.

Asli has taken over as the news anchor now that Lale has left. Her nerves appear to be jingling as she walks onto the studio stage. This is her chance. When she conspired against Lale, she desired this from the beginning.

However, as she begins her set, she notices the new interns on the side looking at her, and she realizes that now that she is at the top, she will be the one being chased. This knowledge has hit her like a ton of bricks.

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