Maestro in Blue ending explained: Who killed Charalambos?

Maestro in Blue follows Orestis, who arrives on a small island to reorganize a music festival, only to find love and discover the dark secrets the people here are hiding. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Fanis, who is planning to run for mayor of Paxos, invites Orestis, a musician, to revive a musical festival the island has hosted for years. Due to COVID-19, the festival was canceled, but Fanis hopes that reorganizing it may boost local morale and increase his chances of being elected as mayor.

The first person Orestis meets on the island is Klelia, the daughter of Fanis. She helps him find the place he is looking for and instantly develops a liking for him. After settling in, Orestis meets the people he will be working with.

Maria introduces herself to Orestis, as she will be lending him a hand in finding talent for the music festival. She has a son, Spyros, who is very popular among girls on the island. Orestis also meets Maria’s husband, Charalambos, who isn’t very enthusiastic about this festival or anything.

Later, Orestis joins Fanis’ family, where he is introduced to Fanis’ wife, Sofia, his son, Antonis, and Klelia and Antonis’ grandmother, Haris. In people’s eyes, they appear as an ideal family, but they all hide several secrets of their own.

To begin with, Klelia hasn’t met Orestis for the first time. Over a year ago, she met him through a dating app. Their age difference and Klelia making out for the first time made things awkward between them.

Antonis over here is in love with Charalambos’ son, Spyros. They can’t romance each other in public, as their fathers despise homosexuals. At the same time, even Antonis questions Spyros’ love for him.

Most of the time, it’s Antonis who openly expresses his love for him. Spyros, on the other hand, rather pretends to be straight. It is later revealed that Spyros has been taught by his father to behave a certain way if he wants to call himself a man.

When Fanis notices that Antonis and Spyros secretly meet, he warns Charalambos to keep his son away from Antonis. Upon hearing that, Charalambos abuses his son and his mother at night.

Charalambos listens to Fanis respectfully because he works for him. Apparently, Fanis is also into illegal activities like money laundering, and Charalambos is the one who does the dirty work on his behalf so that Fanis can keep a clean image.

Sofia is having an affair with the island’s doctor, Michalis, but she contributes and helps her husband whenever he needs to hide his black money.

Orestis notices the bruise marks on Maria’s face and complains to Fanis, who realizes that Charalambos beating his family could instigate an investigation and expose their business. He warns him to keep his hands under control and even considers cutting ties with him.

Fanis’ kids anyway discover the money their parents are hiding, and Spyros too, who is invited by Charalambos for help. Spyros uses this discovery against Charalambos and threatens to expose him and Fanis if he ever lays a hand on his mother again.

Maria’s bruises become the talk of the town. Fanis’ family discusses this over dinner, where Antonis not only comes out in front of his parents but also confronts them about the money they are hiding. Antonis uses this leverage to protect himself and Spyros, who is still not ready to accept their relationship openly.

Meanwhile, Klelia attempts to form a relationship with a boy named Thanos, who is studying medicine, but she fails to do so because she is in love with Orestis.

Klelia’s love for Orestis makes her join him in Corfu, where he goes to invite some musicians on Maria’s recommendation. The trip gets intimate. Klelia and Orestis end up making out with each other.

Klelia lied and used Thanos as a cover at home in order to go to Corfu. When Fanis figures this out and also the fact that Orestis was also there at the same time, he investigates and does confront Orestis later.

To further complicate things, Orestis’ affluent ex-wife, Alexandra, arrives on the island to reunite with him. She is here because, after failing to have a child once, she is finally going to conceive again.

Alexandra also warns Orestis about getting too close to and involved in these people’s lives because trouble may someday come knocking on his door.

Orestis, despite knowing that his relationship with Klelia won’t work out due to their age difference, chooses Klelia. He tells Alexandra that they will find a different way to communicate.

Charalambos discovers that his son, Spyros, and Antonis haven’t stopped meeting, and Maria is supporting this. He promises not to raise his hand but forces them to come back home with him.

Spyros, over time, continues to be confused about what he wants. He starts turning into his father as he hits his girlfriend, Yianna, when she questions why he is not getting intimate with her.

That same night, Charalambos sexually assaults Yianna. He had an eye on her for a while. Maria finds out about it, and she shames Charalambos. She then proceeds to report it to the authorities, who won’t arrest Charalambos because they didn’t catch him in the act.

A young Yianna doesn’t realize that she has been sexually assaulted. She moves on and once again gets hit by Spyros when she calls him weak. Spyros comes back home crying, having had enough of all this. His mother comforts him.

Spyros then decides to go meet Antonis. He climbs through his window into his room, and they both sleep together for the night. Amidst all of this, Orestis and Klelia’s romance also continues.

They eventually get caught by the authorities while hanging out in the middle of the ocean. This soon leads Fanis to discover that Orestis hasn’t stopped meeting his daughter.

Maestro in Blue ending explained in detail:

Does Spyros come out in front of everyone?

Despite spending another night with Antonis, Spyros refrains from walking down the stairs with him. Antonis claims that he can’t leave him hanging time and again like this. He is pathetic and needs to have some courage.

Spyros feels challenged, and he then wastes no time walking down the stairs. He greets Antonis’ family and even sits for breakfast with them, infuriating Fanis in the process.

Both of his kids going against his wishes makes Fanis mad. He intends to throw them out, but Sofia doesn’t let that happen. She lets him know that he is not half as honest as their kids are.

Sofia also warns that if he dares to tip Charalambos about Spyros, she will tell the Athens PD about their illegal business, even if she goes down with them.

How does Charalambos die?

Later, Sofia offers Maria her mother’s house in Athens, which has been empty. She and Spyros are welcome to go there if they ever plan to leave Charalambos.

Sofia also tells Maria about a lawyer friend of hers who will take her case for free and help her get a divorce, whenever she is up for it. Sofia asks Maria if her son is similar to her in character, and Maria assures her that deep inside he is.

Antonis and Spyros hang out together near Orestis’ house and are followed by Charalambos. Orestis watches Charalambos and goes after him.

Charalambos sees Antonis and Spyros getting intimate with each other. He grabs Antonis and pulls him back. Then he proceeds to beat his son, Spyros. Antonis picks up the gun they have and, in a panic, shoots Charalambos before he can kill Spyros.

Orestis comes to the scene and decides to help the boys out. They take the body to Orestis’ house. Michalis watches them do all of this, but he doesn’t alert the authorities.

Orestis pitches to call Fanis in, who will help them get rid of the body. At night, Fanis and Orestis dispose of the body in the middle of the ocean.

Do Orestis and Klelia end up togehter?

In a car, Fanis assures Orestis that he has done the right thing. No one needs to know what happened here. Even Spyros lies to his mother. After putting on the musical festival successfully, Orestis immediately leaves with Alexandra.

Klelia looks for him everywhere but finds his class and his house both empty. She sits alone, staring at the sea. Thanos comes to comfort her, and she falls into his arms.

Thanos had earlier claimed that Orestis is just a passerby. He had told Orestis that he would be there for her when he is done with her.

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