Lydia Rodriguez Katz: You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah character explained

In You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, Lydia Rodriguez Katz is Stacy’s childhood friend. Lydia loses her best friend when she starts dating the boy Stacy likes. Samantha Lorraine plays Lydia.

Lydia and Stacy have been friends since they were children. They know everything about each other, even their biggest secrets. As they know each other better than anyone else, they have been planning their bat mitzvahs together. 

While Lydia is going to write Stacy’s speech, Stacy is going to make Lydia’s entrance video. However, nothing goes as planned when Andy and Lydia start dating. Instead of helping Lydia, Stacy ends up ruining her bat mitzvah.

A good friend

Stacy likes Andy, but what she does not know is that Lydia also likes him. Lydia never tells Stacy about her feelings because she does not want to upset her best friend, and Stacy never notices. When Stacy tries to get close to Andy, Lydia encourages her like a good friend.

Lydia gets noticed by one of the school’s popular girls, who invites her to her house. Lydia does not leave Stacy behind and takes her with her. When the others decide to go to the ledge, Lydia hesitates because she knows that it is not safe.

She even tries to stop Stacy from jumping off the ledge, but Stacy does not listen to her and ends up getting embarrassed. When Andy cracks a joke at Stacy’s expense, Lydia ends up laughing a bit, which results in a fight between the two best friends.

Lydia apologizes to Stacy, but things get worse when Stacy sees Lydia and Andy kiss. Lydia tries to talk to her and explain what happened, but Stacy does not give her a chance. She ends their friendship and asks Lydia not to come to her bat mitzvah.

Lydia has been helping Stacy plan her bat mitzvah for a long time, so when she gets uninvited, she gets upset and dates Andy to make Stacy angry. It does not work out, as Stacy not only makes Lydia’s life difficult by spreading rumors about her but also makes Andy break up with her.

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah Lydia
Lydia starts dating Andy

Despite everything, Lydia is happy to see Stacy at her bat mitzvah party. Just when she thinks that they might resolve their differences, the video that Stacy had earlier made to embarrass Lydia plays at her bat mitzvah. A humiliated and hurt Lydia ends up leaving the party in tears.

Lydia tried to make amends, but Stacy kept trying to punish her. Stacy no longer wants to punish her, but Lydia does not want anything to do with her anymore. Lydia refuses to forgive Stacy when she apologizes.

However, Lydia changes her mind when Stacy sacrifices her bat mitzvah to throw Lydia a party. Lydia finally gets her best friend back as well as the bat mitzvah party that she always wanted. 

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