Choona review: Charming little caper is a good time

Choona follows a group of people from different walks of life coming together to plan and execute a heist as their revenge against a tyrannical politician who has wronged most of them. Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


Tyrannical and power-hungry politician Shukla plots to topple the government. Meanwhile, the two men realize they have a common enemy in Shukla.

Together, J.P. Yadav and Ansari create a team with Baankey, Ansari’s childhood friend and a cop who also seeks revenge against Shukla. Triloki, a con man and thief, also joins them.

Later, they’re joined by Pandit Ramacharya Upadhyaya and Bishnu, Shukla’s mute brother-in-law. More people join their group as Triloki’s girlfriend Jhumpa and Ansari’s girlfriend Bela (who’s also Baankey’s sister), emerge as capable players.

They plan a heist and eventually, the plan is set in motion. A lot of drawbacks and errors later, their plan comes to fruition and revenge is served cold. Shukla tastes the lowest but already calculates his next plan, as the group celebrates the spoils.

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Jimmy Shergil brings his panache to Shukla as his well-groomed and adorned exterior comes across just as menacing as his blood-stained tyrannical psyche.

Aashim Gulati seems a bit out-of-place with his casting as his refined diction seeps out through his supposed rugged and very authentic desi goon from a Uttar Pradesh village.

Chandan Roy is a blast to watch as Bishnu, and possibly the most endearing one as well. Gyanendra Tripathi also brings a lot of heart to Baankey.

Monika Panwar and Niharika Dutt are lethal lasses and they make their strengths and confidence quite believable. Namit Das is hilarious as the different disguised characters and executes a tough job of physically more demanding performances rather well.


Choona has a brief runtime that makes it look like a movie that has been extended to eight episodes. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it lacks a story, only that part of it is not as properly fleshed out as others.

The silliness is enjoyable and makes the more head-scratching level of bad and unbelievable character choices and plot holes tolerable.

The comedy works a lot, and in cases where the dialogue doesn’t inspire hilarity, the performances do. The characters are also very easy to root for, with the exception of J.P., who is written to be annoying to a fault at times.

The women do have moments where their competence and grit exceed the men. The way it is shown also doesn’t come across as too obvious or loud for their own good.

The actors contribute heavily to make their characters look like the competent cool daredevils they are.


The show seems to be heading for a second season for the continuation of the story. However, what this does is take away from the proper catharsis at the end of Choona season 1 finale.

Shukla loses everything and yet he doesn’t seem like one who has. His calculative next plan is already teased and it feels a bit premature and hasty, without leaving room for a breather as the protagonists celebrate their success.

However, the show’s hilarity is a bit diluted as the heist takes over the narrative and the people of Pathaani Tola are ignored, as showing more of them would have endeared the protagonists more.


Choona season 1 is a great time filled with fun, hilarity, and heartwarming character dynamics. The show deals with a tyrannical antagonist and the grimy world of politics, and yet it manages to feel very light and comical, delivering most of what it promises.

Choona season 1
Choona review: Charming little caper is a good time 1

Director: Pushpendra Nath Mishra

Date Created: 2023-09-29 12:30

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