Who is Luna? Gossip Girl character explained

In Gossip Girl, Luna La is a stylist and a trendsetter. She is known as one of the elites at Constance Billard St. Jude’s School. She is played by Zión Moreno.

Luna is one of the elite students at Constance. In the first season, she was known for styling Julien and ensuring that Julien stays at the top of the social hierarchy.

Like Julien, Luna’s character has developed over time. Although her development is nowhere as drastic as Julien’s, she has also evidently changed. 

Luna’s change

Luna and Monet, who were responsible for guaranteeing Julien’s position in the school, are known to have a mean streak. The two were opposed to Julien bringing Zoya, who was different from them, to their group.

They looked down on Zoya and publicly humiliated her on more than one occasion to get her out of their way when she started getting more popular than Julien. They even tried to cause a rift between Obie and Zoya when they started dating.

However, in the second season, Luna changes a little; she is not as mean as she used to be. When Monet starts a rivalry with Julien, Luna chooses to be on Julien’s side, even though she does completely agree with Julien’s way of handling the matter. 

She continues being her friend and giving her advice regarding what her next move should be; she coaxes Julien into using social media again.

Even though she sides with Julien, she does not completely distance herself from Monet. After Monet and Julien reconcile, she smartly sidelines Monet’s minions to ensure that Monet takes and values her advice alone.

Luna plays the role of a trusted advisor to most of her friends. She observes the drama from the sidelines and is aware of everything that goes on around her. At times, her advice has been helpful to her friends; it helped Max solve his relationship problems.

Gossip Girl Luna
Luna helps Max understand his partners

Luna is also known for somehow digging up information that no one else can get. Her social media resources and connections help her get dirt on people in just a few clicks; she was the one who found Grace’s old video in which she was drunk.

Luna’s mother

Florian, who has just started dating Luna, gets impressed when he sees her work. He manages to get her an assignment to style Julia Fox for her Tribeca premiere. Luna eagerly takes up the assignment, only to realize her own mother, Dolores, is in the movie.

She goes to meet her mother with Monet. Her relationship with her mother seems complicated, as Dolores does not even allow her to call her mother. She never raised her, leaving a nine-year-old Luna to be raised by her maid.

She makes up excuses because she does not want Luna to attend the premiere. She does not tell Luna whenever she is in town and barely ever meets her. 

However, when Monet reveals that Luna will be styling Julia Fox, her mother asks her to decline that offer and style her instead. Luna, who has never been allowed to do that before, excitedly agrees.

She finds out that her mother had been lying to her all along; she never wanted Luna to style her. This not only costs Luna an opportunity that she eagerly wanted but also her relationship with Florian. 

Monet advises her to stand up to her mother, who has always been jealous of her. Luna finds out that her mother sees other women as competition and feels threatened by them, including her own daughter.

Luna shows up at the premiere and stands next to her mother, who does not want the world to know that she even has a daughter. 

She takes a step further when she finds out that her mother never wanted a daughter because she was insecure and that she chose her ego over her family; she sends a tip to Gossip Girl that could possibly ruin her mother’s career.

Gossip Girl Luna
Luna sends a tip to Gossip Girl to get back at her mother

Luna appears too eager to please her mother, who does not love her. She is upset when her mother breaks her heart, but she seems too used to it to confront her. 

However, that stops when she realizes that her mother will never change. She finally puts her foot down and refuses to let her mother steal the spotlight over and over again at her expense.

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