Who is Lucy? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained

The latest episode of Only Murders in the Building introduced Lucy, the teenage daughter of Charles’ ex-girlfriend, with whom Charles was very close to and adored.

Charles met Lucy when she was 7 years old after her mother, Emma, moved in with him many years ago. While Charles grew close to Lucy, Emma didn’t enjoy it so while they were on a family Caribbean cruise she ditched him, taking Emma along with her.

So what brought her back after all these years? Let’s take a look.

Reconnecting after so long

After Jan’s arrest when things settled down, Charles decided to text Lucy and much to his delight, she replied. They began communicating with each other more frequently, sharing everything that’s been happening in their lives.

She shows up in Charles’ trailer on his first day on the set of the Brazzos reboot and claims that she just wanted to get out of the suburbs and take in a bit of the culture of Manhattan.

Who is Lucy? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained 1
Yet another secret of the Arconia is revealed

After finding the knife that killed Bunny, Charles insists that she go back home since she shouldn’t be involved in a murder investigation. She has other ideas, however, and shows them the secret passageways within the Arconia where she used to play hide and seek with the girl from across the hall.

Later on, Lucy lets it slip that her mother is mad at her for skipping her wedding and she wanted to be with her favourite father figure during this turbulent time.

Knowing more than she let on

On the night of Bunny’s murder, Charles received a text from Lucy saying that she was in town and would like to catch up with him. He replied that he wouldn’t be able to right then, but would love to meet soon.

When Charles is sending Lucy back home, she tells him that her mother’s wedding was the same night that Bunny was murdered and she skipped it to see how Charles was feeling after Jan’s arrest. What she didn’t reveal was that she was right behind him when she sent that text.

Who is Lucy? Only Murders in the Building 2 character explained 2
Lucy was there on that fateful night when Bunny was murdered

Lucy then went into Charles’ apartment and took up residence within the Arconia passageways and decided to document her return to the building. That’s when she heard Bunny’s screams and almost came face to face with her killer before he went the other direction.

She leaves him with an ominous warning about things going on in the building and how she worries about him. She tells him to become tougher and find the people behind this before they find him.

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