Lisa’s secret in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 explained

Lisa Trammell is on trial for Mitchell Bondurant’s murder and while she is insistent that she didn’t kill him, something about her always seems suspicious to Mickey.

When Lisa is initially asked about her ex-husband Jeff, she mentions that they had a turbulent relationship and he left for Mexico years ago. She hasn’t heard from him since but Mickey wants to reach out to him just in case he might be a suitable character witness.

Every time Mickey probes about Jeff, Lisa gets very defensive and tries to change the subject to something else. Jeff calls up Mickey and says he doesn’t want to get involved in Lisa’s business but Mickey still has Cisco try to track him down.

During the trial, Jeff shows up to see Mickey and offers to testify but he makes it clear that he is doing it for the money which made him an unreliable witness. Mickey refuses to call him as a witness and sends him away.

When Lisa is on the stand being questioned by Andy, she brings up Jeff and once again Lisa gets very aggressive as soon as Andy probes deeper into their relationship.

A deep, dark secret

Mickey is out with Haley when he reaches a spot on the beach and hears some increasingly familiar sounds. He thinks back to where he heard it before and remembers that it was in the background during his call with Jeff who was supposedly in Mexico.

Mickey gets increasingly suspicious that he was played somehow and asks Cisco to look into Lisa and Jeff’s marriage. He goes over her employee’s social media and finds a picture of her and her staff, with “Jeff” in the picture too.

He visits her the next day and tells her that he knows the man he met wasn’t Jeff but an out of work actor who also worked at her restaurant. He also mentions that Jeff did file for divorce 11 years ago before repealing it and disappearing altogether.

He says that there were things about her story that didn’t quite convince him, such as the fact that she fought so hard to keep her property even though she was getting enough money to start something new somewhere else.

Add to the fact that Lisa reacted furiously every time someone dove into the subject of Jeff, and Mickey theorised that she might have killed him.

He figures that she killed him and buried him under her garden which is why she was always afraid of selling the property. Mickey leaves but Lorna calls Detective Griggs and tells him that there might be a body on her property because she wants to do the right thing.

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