Alex Grant: The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 character explained

Alex Grant is an Armenian businessman who might be connected to the Armenian mob, a fact that Mickey Haller uses to his advantage. The character is played by Michael A. Goorjian.

Alex Grant is essentially Mickey Haller’s straw man in the case against Lisa Trammell because he also has a bone to pick with Mitchell Bondurant, and has some criminal connections that might help Mickey’s case.

His name first pops up when they are looking through Bondurant’s emails and see a particularly threatening one sent from Bondurant to Grant. Grant owned a construction business and was the contractor on one of Bondurant’s properties that was bleeding money.

When Cisco digs into Alex Grant, he learns that his birth name was Alex Kazarian, and he is the son of the head of the Armenian mob who is serving time in prison. They aren’t able to find any trace of Grant but have to get him to show up for the trial.

Grant also owned several shell companies, one of them a production company that financed Henry Dahl’s podcast. That is how Henry was able to pay someone to steal Lisa’s life rights contract from Mickey’s car.

Playing the long con

Lorna discovers that Grant is a fan of an exclusive artist so they set up a fake gallery and entice him to come by offering him a chance to buy an extremely valuable painting. However, what he finds waiting for him is a subpoena to appear in court.

As they had predicted, Grant’s lawyer moves for a motion to quash the subpoena but Mickey has plans to deal with that too. He gets the media there and uses Grant’s ego to put him on the spot and his lawyer has no choice but to withdraw the motion to quash the subpoena.

On the day of the trial, Mickey finds an FBI target letter on his doorstep, naming Alex Grant as a person of interest for construction fraud. An FBI agent decided to help Mickey out and hope that he can make Alex make incriminating statements on the witness stand.

Alex Grant: The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 character explained 1
Mickey and his team run their plan for Alex Grant by Legal Siegel to see if it’s good enough

Cisco follows Grant around for weeks and collects enough concrete evidence to strongly suggest that he is connected to the Armenian mob just like his father and uncle are.

Grant ends up pleading the fifth, which in the eyes of the jury comes across as an indirect admission of guilt and exactly what Mickey was looking for.

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