Lesson Plan (2022) ending explained: Does Damian bust the drug ring?

Lesson Plan on Netflix is a Polish action thriller that follows a former police officer, Damian, mourning the death of his wife. After his best friend — who is a school teacher — is murdered and framed by a narcotics gang, Damian decides to go undercover as his replacement at the school and avenge his death.

Plot summary

Lesson Plan opens with Police officer Damian Nowicki working undercover as a drug dealer to bust a powerful kingpin. He gets caught and is attacked, but manages to subdue the target. However, since his identity is out in the open, the crime lord has the last laugh as he gets Damian’s wife killed.

Unable to handle the trauma, he quits the force and descends into alcoholism. Meanwhile, his best friend Szymon Makowiecki discovers the dealing of drugs at the school he teaches in. After a student dies, he asks Damian for help, but he refuses.

Szymon continues to investigate the situation and is killed by the perpetrators. The gang uses this opportunity to frame him as the dealer at school, tarnishing his reputation.

Damian is distraught and decides to take up the vacant history teacher position at Szymon’s school. His aim is to avenge his friend, clear his name, and put an end to this narcotics ring once and for all.

At school, Damian meets with principal Leszek Zamoyski, who welcomes him and introduces him to his deputy, Agata Kierska. Leszek even reveals that he’s hired a security agency, led by a man named Chmielski, as an extra measure.

As Agata shows Damian the school, the latter almost gets into an altercation with a rowdy student named Jaro, and his gang. However, Chmielski comes and diffuses the situation. Damian is reminded that Szymon’s son Kamil is also in his class, but hasn’t showed up to school since his dad’s passing.

In class, Damian introduces himself to his students but has a slight argument with a kid nicknamed Frogface. He is a former student who dropped out three years ago, but keeps showing up to school.

Damian wants him out and Chmielski does the needful. However, before leaving, Frogface threatens Agata. After school, Damain stays back to go over his notes and some students slash the tires of his car.

A fellow teacher offers him a ride and the two walk to the underground car park. There, they find Agata being attacked by Frogface, and two of his goons. Damian beats the henchmen up as their leader runs away.

Lesson Plan ending explained in detail:

Who is behind the drugs?

We see Frogface being held captive by Jaro and his crew under a bridge. It is revealed that Chmielski and his security team are the ones controlling the drugs. Jaro and his gang work for him as well.

Chmielski beats up Frogface for almost getting caught at school, to set an example. He also suspects that Damian is not who he claims to be as he beat up this guys in the parking lot pretty easily.

The footage of Damian’s fight spreads across the school like wildfire, igniting the interest of his students. He bonds with them over his skills in martial arts as Kamil shows up to school.

Damian decides to speak with Kamil alone and the latter blames his refusal to help as the reason for Szymon’s death. Damian agrees but also reveals his intentions to bust the drug business and catch the culprits.

Meanwhile, Agata is smitten by Damian since he saved her life and takes him out for drinks after school. They bond and things get cosy. They head to Agata’s place but before anything can happen, Damian thinks about his dead wife and his guilt of not being able to protect her takes over.

He leaves without saying a word, hurting his dynamic with Agata in the process.

How does Damian execute his plan?

At school, Kamil and a few of his friends get into a fight with Jaro’s crew. They get beaten up and Damian agrees to teach them self defence. Meanwhile, he manages to tail a few members of the culprit gang and anonymously gets them arrested.

Damian’s class bands together and helps him build a makeshift dojo, where they practice regularly. One night, after the students leave, Damian is attacked by masked men and beats them up. However, he gets busted up in the process as well.

The next day, after looking at their bruised faces, Damian realises that Chmielski’s men attacked him. This confirms Chmielski’s involvement in the drug dealings to him.

How does Jaro subdue Damian?

Realising that they can’t take out Damian by physical force, Jaro comes up with a plan. He targets one of Damian’s students Emilia, who used to be a drug user, and barges into her home with his gang.

They threaten to kill his dad if she doesn’t do what they say. Under pressure, she goes and fake reports Damian to Principal Zamoyski for sexually assaulting her.

With his reputation down the drain, everyone distances themselves from Damian, even Kamil and Agata. As a last resort, he visits the hospitalised Frogface to get information about the drugs and discovers that they aren’t brought into the school, but made in the chemistry lab.

He then heads to Agata’s place to explain himself but gets hostility in return. Fortunately, he uses this opportunity to steal the keys to the school and leaves.

Inside the school premises, he notices the chemistry teacher, Stefan, cooking the drugs. He then loads them up into a catering company truck which drives them to a secret location, and the whole process is overseen by Chmielski.

Does Damian bust the drug ring?

The former cop uses this moment to click pictures of the whole operation, but his broken phone doesn’t make it easy to capture hard evidence. He meets with Agata and Principal Zamoyski, revealing his findings, but no one believes him.

Meanwhile, Agata visits Emilia and finds out the truth. She visits Damian to apologise and he tells her about his former profession. He even comes clean about his wife’s death.

Agata promises to help him with the investigation and the two team up. Realising that the school CCTV footage has also been edited, the duo confronts Stefan for the truth. He too reveals that the gang threatened his family, but before he can say more, Chmielski arrives on the spot and kills him.

The next day, Stefan’s locker is cleared and Principal Zamoyski instructs Agata to empty Szymon’s locker as well. In it, she finds a diary with instructions to navigate the insides of the warehouse where the drugs are kept.

Emilia shows up to meet Principal Zamoyski and reveals that she lied about the assault. Meanwhile, the students go to the dojo and apologise to Damian as well. However, things go from bad to worse when Emilia is admitted to the hospital with internal bleeding.

Damian and Agata break into the warehouse and are shocked to discover that the leader of the drug cartel is Principal Zamoyski himself (This explains Emilia’s injuries). He instructs Chmielski, Jaro and the rest to kill the two, but Kamil and his friends intervene.

A fight ensues and Damian’s team comes out on top, knocking out all their adversaries. The Police arrives on the spot and apprehends the culprits as Damian finally breathes a sigh of relief.

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