Lee Tang’s powers in A Killer Paradox explained

In A Killer Paradox, Lee Tang is believed to have special powers that allow him to target evil people and get away with their murder. 

Lee Tang has always been lucky. Whenever he did anything wrong, he easily got away with it. Even when he accidentally kills a man, he does not get caught.

Roh Bin, who goes on to become his sidekick, believes that Tang has special powers. The people he kills all turn out to be evil.

Additionally, Tang never tries to get rid of the evidence. It disappears one way or another, possibly due to his powers.

Bin sees this as a sign that some higher power wants Tang to continue punishing criminals by killing them without worrying about the consequences.

Sensing evil

When a man, who had earlier visited the convenience store where Tang works, attacks him, Tang ends up killing him with a hammer he had taken from the store.

Tang is consumed by guilt until he finds out that the man he killed was a serial killer named Yeo Bu-il, who was never apprehended by the police.

Yeo Bu-il had killed his friend minutes before his fight with Tang and also had an affair with the friend’s wife.

The next person Tang kills is Seon Yeo-ok, who also turns out to be a criminal. Seon Yeo-ok was a cruel woman who murdered her own parents and buried their remains in her garden.

Then, there are Kang Jae-jun and Lee Jin-seong, who not only stabbed a police detective but also sexually assaulted a girl. 

Their victim took her own life, and they got away with all the crimes they committed until Tang killed them.

After Roh Bin has a discussion with Tang about his powers, Tang starts sensing if a person is evil or not when he crosses paths with them, as in the case of Prosecutor Ji.

Led by his instincts, Tang keeps killing people, and the ones he has the urge to kill are always those who have evaded justice for their crimes.

A Killer Paradox Lee Tang
Tang senses Song Chon’s murderous nature instantly

Lack of evidence

When Tang commits murder for the first time, he panics and leaves the murder weapon behind. However, the police never find it, as it is taken by Seon Yeo-ok.

This keeps happening over and over again, whether it’s a bug crawling on the CCTV camera, conveniently concealing Tang at just the right moment, or a dog licking surfaces and wiping his fingerprints. 

Luck consistently favors Tang, and the police are never able to trace the evidence back to him.

Even when Tang attempts to turn himself in, the bag containing evidence against him is stolen and thrown into the river. 

Furthermore, Tang gets himself a reliable and resourceful sidekick like Bin, who guides him and helps him stay out of trouble.

Eventually, Bin takes the blame for the murders committed by Tang, allowing Tang to roam free with a clean record, despite being a serial killer.

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