Lee Hong-jo: Destined with You character explained

In Destined with You, Lee Hong-jo, the protagonist, is a hard-working civil servant who leads an ordinary life until she meets Sin-yu. Jo Bo-ah plays Lee Hong-jo.

Lee Hong-jo is a 9th-level civil servant. She is diligent, treats the people who file complaints with respect, and does not hesitate to do the unpleasant work that others are not too keen on doing. 

One day, Hong-jo gets transferred to the City Hall. She will be working with the GreenWay Building Division. Her life becomes extremely difficult when she starts working there and is made part of Mr. Gong’s team.

The owner of the wooden box

When Hong-jo had just started working as a civil servant, she had reported Mr. Gong to the Audit Team for receiving money from someone, without knowing the full story. Mr. Gong was innocent, but this affected his career. 

Now that Mr. Gong is Hong-jo’s team leader, he makes working at the City Hall hard for Hong-jo, as he still holds a grudge against her. The other members of the team do not welcome Hong-jo and keep excluding her from everything.

Hong-ho does not have a family, so she eats alone at home. After getting transferred, she eats alone at work as well because no one wants to be friends with her. Hong-jo wants to change that, so she volunteers to take care of the demolition of the haunted shrine.

She hopes that if she resolves the problem, she will win Mr. Gong’s favor. Although Hong-jo manages to get the shrine demolished, her coworkers’ opinion of her does not change. They continue to be hostile to her, even after she sincerely apologizes to Mr. Gong. 

However, while trying to get the shrine demolished, she meets Jang Sin-yu as well as Shaman Eun-wol, who then recognize her as the owner of the wooden box. Sin-yu gives her the old wooden box and asks her to open it. The box contains a spell book, which was written by a shaman centuries ago.

Destined with You Lee Hong-jo
Sin-yu gives Hong-jo the wooden box

When Hong-jo confesses her feelings to Kwon Jae-gyeong, a man who appreciates her work, she realizes that she mistook his kindness for something else because people are not usually kind to her. Additionally, she becomes a laughingstock at work when the news of her confession gets out.

People around Hong-jo misunderstand her and fail to see how nice and caring she is. Sick of being alone and not being loved by anyone, Hong-jo decides to use the spell book that she found in the wooden box and casts a love spell. However, the result might not be what she expected.

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