Jung Hyeon-Ok: Behind Your Touch character explained

Jung Hyeon-Ok, played by Park Sung Yun on Behind Your Touch, is a major supporting character in the rom-com mystery.

When Bong Ye-Bun’s mother committed suicide, she came to a small town called Mujin to live with her grandfather and aunt, Jung Hyeon-Ok.

While her grandfather, despite taking her in, never so much as uttered a word to her and remained coldly quiet towards her, it was her aunt who lent her all the support and love she needed.

With her unrelenting smile and jovial spirit, Hyeon-Ok has always been a force for good and love, even if her own life hasn’t exactly been all glitter and gold.

A bubbly spurt of energy

Jung Hyeon-Ok is one of the most jubilant characters in the entire show and often lends significantly to the comic relief part of the narrative.

She is eccentrically weird and childlike in her behavior, but not more so with anyone else than Won Jong-Muk.

She treats her niece Bong Ye-Bun with all the warmth she has to offer but the two also have a more sibling-like relationship at times. Hyeon-Ok works as a nurse at Bong Animal Hospital.

An aunt and a daughter

Since the business is always slow at Mujin, she is beyond delighted when Ye-Bun’s accurate diagnoses bring in people and pets in flocks. The business becomes slow again when Ye-Bun takes a break. That’s when Hyeon-Ok takes drastic measures.

Jung Hyeon-Ok Behind Your Touch
Hyeon-Ok with her father Jung Eui-Hwan (Image source: JTBC/Netflix)

In a hilarious and shocking move, she gets Ye-Bun almost kidnapped by Flatfish farm workers who take her to the location where she is to vaccinate the fish. In return, there’s a lot of money that Jung Hyeon-Ok accepts happily.

She’s always encouraging Ye-Bun to work to improve her financial standing, as a veterinary doctor still comes up short on rent at times. With her father, Hyeon-Ok remains very committed to his caring, sometimes even to his chagrin.

A lover desperate to rewind the clock

Jung Heyon-Ok had a childhood love with Won Jong-Muk, the current chief of Mujin Police Station. They grew up together and were each other’s first love.

Throughout Behind Your Touch, bits and pieces of their love story are shown through flashbacks. It’s also shown that it ended with a heartbreak. Jung Hyeon-Ok would go on to marry someone else, leaving Jong-Muk with a shattered heart.

However, she’s also shown to be bemoaning this split and crying in her wedding dress. She also admits to having divorced her husband because she was still in love with Jong-Muk.

Meanwhile, Jong-Muk would go on to grow a colder persona and even though he loves her a lot still, he acts indifferent to her antics now.

Despite that, Hyeon-Ok persists and continues to follow him around, never skipping a chance for an encounter. She wants to rekindle their relationship but he wants to move on, even if he hasn’t in decades.

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