Kwame, Chelsea & Micah’s love triangle in Love Is Blind explained

Kwame & Chelsea’s relationship in Love Is Blind season 4 has been marred by the woes and annoyances of a love triangle that Chelsea can tolerate anymore and his fiance can’t escape no matter what.

Kwame is a 33-year-old sales development manager and Chelsea, a 31-year-old pediatric speech language pathologist. The two arrive at Love Is Blind season 4 with hopes of finding the special someone with whom they can prove that love is indeed blind.

However, their journey on the show has been nothing but rife with a flurry of romantic troubles, with a third wheel derailing their ride again and again.

Chelsea the saint

Chelsea hit it off with Kwame right off the bat, and both of them seem to have a great chemistry during their pod-dating phase. Kwame acknowledges the sparks that fly between them, and Chelsea does too.

It is from day one that Chelsea treats Kwame with a sort of unyielding loyalty in that she doesn’t deviate from him as the perfect suitor for her. She makes it very clear while Kwame’s response to her is only amicable in the verbiage.

When Chelsea learns that Kwame got his heartbroken over Micah rejecting him, it breaks her heart as well, for her notions about him entailed a different picture, one where he’s also similarly one-track about her.

However, when they go on post-Micah dates, Chelsea’s heart is still beating for Kwame, who now chooses her and to take things forward with her. They meet face-to-face, and get engaged. Chelsea is instantly into Kwame with a visible passion unlike anyone else’s among all the couples in Love Is Blind season 4.

From having a saint-like patient to being understanding and even overcoming Kwame’s absolute insult to their relationship by continuously buzzing around Micah, Chelsea has been one of the few, if not the only, blind lovers in the latest season of the reality show.

However, the consistent fashion in which her love has never been reciprocated with the same intensity or fervor has fans screaming at her to run away from Kwame and this relationship.

Micah the problematic

Love Is Blind season 4 begins with Micah and Kwame having a great start. In the pods, even though Kwame is the one with the most intensity and haste later on, it is she who makes a rather daring ask, which is for Kwame to not link up with another woman.

However, Kwame’s chemistry is really good with Chelsea as well, who seems the healthier option but Kwame develops a bigger passion for Micah, who meanwhile has been hitting it off with Paul rather well too.

Kwame and Micah Love Is Blind season 4
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While her dynamic with Paul gets only more solid, Kwame is a bit mislead into believing that he and Micah are on their strongest foot and their romance has really taken on a climb. Kwame wishes and then shares with Micah that he wishes to propose a bit earlier, only to find the floor beneath him shake when Micah breaks the news and rejects him.

While Micah’s rejection of Kwame comes off as rather abrupt it’s not nearly as abrupt as Kwame’s speed. However, her real problematic era begins when she continues to mislead and be rather intimate with Kwame after he gets engaged to Chelsea.

At the Mexican resort, she cracks a joke at Kwame’s expense which rubs him the wrong way. Later, she tries to clear the misunderstandings and make up for her tasteless joke, in the process getting rather too close to him for Chelsea to remain comfortable, especially taking their history into consideration.

Kwame the red flag

Kwame is a one big walking red flag. He’s the human repository of red flags. With every enthused smile and laugh he hoists more red flags, making starkly clear to anyone other than Chelsea to steer clear from him.

After getting rejected by Micah, Kwame never seems to be over her. In fact, over the course of Love Is Blind season 4, Kwame himself admits not once but manh times how he won’t be able to get her out of his mind.

At the resort, Kwame flocks back to Micah and spends time with her with an attention so undivided he seems to have forgotten about his finance, which understandably miffs her. When she confronts him about it, Kwame tells her that he’s not had “closure” with her.

This further frustrates Chelsea as Kwame again approaches Micah, and Chelsea finally gives him an ultimatum. Even though Kwame assures her that he’s done with Micah, to the camera he professes his undying feelings for her that he admits would never resolve and remain there forever.

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