Kora: Rebel Moon character explained

In Rebel Moon, Kora is a former member of the Imperium who defected and now resides on a planet called Veldt. Sofia Boutella plays Kora.

After arriving on Veldt, Kora is found, taken care of, and welcomed by a farmer named Hagen. She spends her fair share of time there until the Imperium shows up on the planet.

Kora plans to run away again, but after saving Sam, a young girl, from the soldiers of the Imperium, Kora resolves to protect Veldt.

She goes in search of the warriors who hate and are fighting Motherworld in an attempt to form an army that can stand up against the Imperium.

Kora’s past

Kora was nine years old when a young Balisarius invaded her planet with his army, killing her family and everyone else on the planet.

He ended up adopting Kora after seeing that she was ready to pull the trigger of her gun on him. Kora believes he saw something in her, which is why he chose to let her live.

On Motherworld, Kora received the name Arthelais and began her training and education in the histories of the Motherworld.

Kora grew up around soldiers, learning the hard lessons of war and on different missions of diplomacy with her adoptive father.

As Balisarius was a decorated commander and a friend to the king, Kora lived a life of privilege.

Kora Arthelais Rebel Moon
Kora follows in the footsteps of Balisarius

Kora herself becomes a soldier of the Imperium and fights for the people who murdered her family and destroyed her world. The Imperium trained her, broke her, and rebuilt her into their image.

An assassin on the run

In the present, Kora is considered to be the most wanted criminal in the known universe. In Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver, Kora confesses how she received this title.

Much like her adoptive father, Kora became a fearless warrior, fighting on countless worlds and garnering victories.

The word about her reached Balisarius and the King. She was promoted to the position of the Elite Guard of the Royal Family. She began serving as the protector of Princess Issa.

When the King decided to put an end to the age of expansion under the influence of Princess Issa, Balisarius decided to act against it.

He plotted against the royal family. Kora could not betray or defy Balisarius as his adopted, loyal daughter.

However, after killing the royal family, Balisarius immediately framed Kora for the deaths, resulting in her fighting back and running away from the Motherworld. Since then, Kora has been on the run.

Kora’s fate

Kora keeps it secret that she has had a hand in the assassination of Princess Issa. She gathers the warriors required to defeat Admiral Noble of the Imperium, who is terrorizing Veldt.

While her first attempt to kill Noble fails, when Noble returns to Veldt, she is able to kill him. Noble’s army falls in front of Kora’s.

Kora confesses that she played a part in Princess Issa’s death in front of the rebels when they are honoring their fallen soldiers.

She learns from General Titus that Issa is alive, which gives her a reason to keep fighting and find Issa.

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