Kim Joon: Wonderful World character explained

Kim Joon is the primary antagonist in Wonderful World, pulling strings from the shadows and out in the open, with vast resources and power at his disposal. 

To the public, Kim Joon is a respectable former mayor of Seoul and the current representative of the Hankook United Party. 

They see him as a refreshing candidate befitting of the presidential position. His campaign is focused on removing corruption and old ways. 

He’s a charismatic, kind, and magnanimous politician who is also an effective orator and a philanthropist. However, the public perception of him has been meticulously skewed and influenced by him. 

The truth about Kim Joon

In reality, Kim Joon is a hideous individual with a nefarious spirit and Machiavellian ideals which he uses to get rid of competition and make his way to the top, all while his unfettered corruption and dirty politics go unnoticed and unchallenged.

Whenever there is any resistance to effort at an exposé, he simply gets rid of it. He is willing to do anything and remove anyone from his path to the top of the food chain. 

When it comes to his competitors and rivals, he uses his spies to dig dirt on them and then use that as leverage and blackmail, convincing them all to drop out of the race and clear his path, even getting them to join and endorse him.

Resistance is futile

Kang Su-Ho was trying to expose his corruption in the Buyeongdong development. However, he had to pay for doing his job soon and quit his company, as his fellow reporters and superiors kept quiet and stopped the pursuit of truth.

Hansang was another such man who dared to go against Kim Joon and expose the truth about him.

However, the talented detective had to wash his hands off his job along with Su-Ho at that time. 

Kim Joon Kang Su-Ho Wonderful World
Kim Joon and Kang Su-Ho having an intense exhange

Now, the two have joined hands once again and work together to take Kim Joon down, who is just as difficult a target as before, thanks to his continued strategic moves and dirty tricks. 

Relationships mean nothing

The politician spares no one and is ready to trample anyone if they so much as get in his way of getting into power. 

That includes even his son, Hee-Jae, who is his illegitimate child with his mistress, Yoon Hye-Geum, the director of an art gallery who he uses to launder his political slush funds.

Kim Joon keeps Yoon Hye-Geum under his toes at all times, terrifying her into submission to his will and making known to her the awful consequences of going behind his back. He will even kill his own son if it comes to it.

Manipulating Seon-Yul

The most tragic victim of Kim Joon might be Gwon Seon-Yul, the son of a corrupt man named Ji-Woong who used to work for the politician. 

After Ji-Woong killed an innocent child with his car, Kim Joon pulled the strings, using his bought-out cop, lawyer, and even the judge to keep Ji-Woong’s punishment to a bare minimum. 

The dead child’s mother, Eun Soo-Hyun, ended up killing Ji-Woong with her car, in a fit of rage and revenge. She suffered for her crime and spent seven years in prison. 

However, Ji-Woong’s son, Seon-Yul kept the fire of his vengeance against Soo-Hyun alive and burning. When she got out, he began exacting the revenge that he had been planning for years on end.

Meanwhile, he’s also been doing dangerous work as a spy for Kim Joon, who he views as an angelic figure who has helped his father, and now also his mother who is in a coma at the hospital. 

Kim Joon uses Gwon Seon-Yul in several ways, egging him on and nudging him towards the vengeful path while pretending otherwise. 

Gwon Seon-Yul, unsuspecting of the politician who actually has a hand behind his mother’s comatose state, and eventually death, continues to do the politician’s bidding with utmost loyalty.

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