Kento Tachibana: My Daemon character explained

In My Daemon, the protagonist, Kento Tachibana, is a special boy who does not need to hurt his daemon, Anna, to make her obey him. Miyuri Shimabukuro and Cassandra Lee Morris voice Kento.

In a world where humans fear daemons, Kento, a boy who is in awe of daemons, sticks out. He takes home a daemonium particle and observes its growth for a school project. When the particle hatches, Kento gets his new best friend.

Kento names this daemon Anna. He does not despise daemons like other humans, so he raises Anna with a lot of love. When his mother realizes how attached he is to Anna, she allows him to keep her even after he is done with his project.

A boy like no other

Not everyone considers Anna a harmless daemon. Kento’s decision to keep her at home without a collar, a device that is used to shock daemons and control them, does not sit well with a nun.

The nun reports Kento, which brings trouble to his home. The Peace Organization finds out about Anna’s ability and places a bounty on her head. This results in Kento’s mother getting killed by a bounty hunter.

With his mother gone, Anna is the only family Kento has left. Kento wants to bring his mother back to life, so he sets out to find the daemon that can reverse time. Kento and Anna’s journey sees them getting attacked by dangerous daemon users and daemons, but they also make friends.

When Anna gets kidnapped by Kokonoe, Kento is ready to do whatever it takes to get her back. He sneaks into the organization’s headquarters to get Anna. There, it is revealed that Kento can communicate with daemons. 

He can understand daemons because he has a daemonium particle in his brain. The doctors cannot remove it with surgery because of the particle’s position. Once the particle hatches in his brain, Kento will die.

My Daemon Kento
Kento can communicate with daemons

The hatching of the particle

The Restoration Daemon, Kiriko, fails to bring Kento’s mother back to life. The Restoration Daemon then asks a disheartened Kento to help him kill all those humans who oppress daemons.

When Kento does not agree to join him, the daemon uses Kento’s mother’s body to manipulate him. For a while, Kento is happy to have his mother back, even though he knows that his real mother is dead. 

However, Kento only agrees to help the Restoration Daemon to save his friend, Kaede. To get Anna to do his bidding, the Restoration Daemon tortures Kento using the collar that humans use to subjugate daemons. 

The torture causes the particle in Kento’s head to hatch. A new daemon is born, but the daemon’s birth kills Kento. Once Anna destroys the glass that stores Pandaemonium’s claw, the Restoration Daemon restores Kento’s body and revives him.

Saving innocent lives

Instead of getting as far away from Hakata as possible, Kento stays back to help the people of the city. Kento also decides to use his other daemon’s powers to change Restoration Daemon’s mind and stop him from attacking humans.

Kento risks his life and goes to Hakata because he believes that a world where humans and daemons coexist peacefully can be created without bloodshed. Kento’s kindness and courage have won him friends who choose to stand by him in the face of death. 

My Daemon Kento
Kento’s friends accompany him to Hakata

Kento and Anna manage to save numerous lives, and Kento becomes a proponent of peace. His bond with Anna is proof that daemons and humans can be friends. Kento changes the world. Humans stop subjugating daemons and start working with them. 

Although Kento loses Anna and his mother, the friends that he has made continue to support him. Later, Kento hears Anna’s voice and catches a glimpse of the Restoration Daemon in the crowd.

Both these incidents result in Kento’s eyes taking the color of the Restoration Daemon’s eyes. The show’s ending leaves several questions, regarding Anna and the Restoration Daemon’s deaths, unanswered.

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