Kentaro: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters character explained

In Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Kentaro is the son of Hiroshi. He uncovers his father’s secrets when his half-sister shows up at his house in Japan. Ren Watabe plays Kentaro.

Kentaro and his mother’s world turns upside down when Cate arrives at their apartment, claiming that Hiroshi is her father. They learn that Hiroshi has been living a double life.

Unlike Cate, Kentaro admires their father and stands up for him. Initially, he believes that their father was with Cate’s family on G-Day, but Cate later tells him about the last time she saw him.

Kentaro and Cate get on Monarch’s radar

Though confident, Kentaro is adamant and believes in what he has seen. Hence, to prove that their father was busy working on something important, he takes Cate to Hiroshi’s workplace, where they discover files that Hiroshi has hidden in a safe.

Cate isn’t interested in learning more about her father, but Kentaro’s interest in his father keeps growing. He comes across more of his files and learns about Lee.

Kentaro: Monarch: Legacy of Monsters character explained 1
Kentaro finds files on Lee

However, accessing the files from the safe puts Kentaro and Cate under Monarch’s radar, forcing them to stick together as they search for their father.

Kentaro and May’s relationship

May, a tech expert, is dragged into Kentaro’s mess, as she is the one who helps them access those files. May and Kentaro dated in the past before the latter ghosted May.

Kentaro and May’s relationship further deteriorates while they are on the run from Monarch. May feels that she has been robbed of her life in Japan.

When Kentaro comes to console her, she tells him that he doesn’t get to tell her what she needs until they sort out his mess and she gets back what he has cost her.

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