Kang Hyeon-Nam: The Glory character explained

Kang Hyeon-Nam is a housemaid on The Glory, and one of Moon Dong-Eun’s strongest and most important aids in her mission to take revenge upon some wealthy people.

Kang Hyeon-Nam is one of the most endearing characters in The Glory, portraying the suffering of a woman perpetually tormented by her husband with a heart-wrenching performance.

Meanwhile, her hard work and grind are informed by her dreams of a better future for her daughter.

A mother to Sun-A

Kang Hyeon-Nam is a mother to a bright young girl, Sun-A, who’s often also a victim of her father’s abuse. Even when not being directly abused by him, Sun-A is constantly in distress over such a tumultuous household.

Hyeon-Nam cares deeply for Sun-A. In fact, there’s no doubt that she cares for her daughter the most in the world. As the story moves forward, it becomes clear that Hyeon-Nam’s sacrifices are all in order for her to be able to provide Sun-A with the best education and ensure a bright future for her.

She ends up managing to do this, as part of her deal and eventual friendship with Dong-Eun, where the latter helps Sun-A with her education.

Towards the end of The Glory, Dong-Eun helps Sun-A go to America to complete her further education there, while back at home Hyeon-Nam prepares to extinguish the source of all her and Sun-A’s misery.

A victim of abuse

Kang Hyeon-Nam constantly has a face blotted with bruises and cuts, thanks to her abusive and alcoholic husband, Lee Seok-Jae. His treatment of his wife is nothing short of evil, as he constantly beats her up for one reason on another.

Years of abuse and trauma later, Hyeon-Nam wishes to escape her misery, and no manner of doing so is beneath her now. She wishes to have her husband killed, which becomes her ask in the deal she strikes with Moon Dong-Eun.

Lee Seok-Jae The Glory
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Using a wealthy and powerful woman’s secrets, Dong-Eun and Hyeon-Nam bait Lee Seok-Jae into extorting money from her, which he falls for hook, line, and sinker. His inevitable fate arrives and the wealthy woman has him killed.

The plan comes to fruition and Hyeon-Nam is relieved of the person who caused her this unbearable hellscape. What’s more, is that now she can live a life free of the worries of what may happen to her daughter.

A woman of bravery, resilience, cunning & loyalty

Kang Hyeon-Nam is a woman of many qualities and talents. Over the course of sixteen episodes, she uses her talents, willpower, and sheer determination to perform some of the most daring tasks.

These perilous tasks involve investigations into rich, entitled and dangerous people, and she has to do it repeatedly. Hyeon-Nam does it, many times, to near perfection.

Her efforts end up being very crucial and key to Dong-Eun’s successful revenge. She’s also a force to be reckoned with. In all her time with such an abuser, she remained resilient until the right time to strike back, and when it comes to doing that, she uses her cunning and bravery to do it.

There are times when her loyalty to Moon Dong-Eun is tested, but she always pulls through.

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