The Glory part 2 ending explained: Does Dong-Eun get her revenge?

The Glory follows Moon Dong-Eun, a woman in her thirties who after planning revenge on her high school bullies, finally sets off to execute it.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The Glory part 2 picks up after Myeong-O’s death, which has given rise to questions and theories among the bully group, with everyone pointing fingers at Park Yeon-Jin. In an unusual effort at finding some hope in a lost cause, Dong-Eun gives one last chance to Yeon-Jin, to confess to all her wrongdoings, which she obviously laughs off.

Yeon-Jin then begins to investigate into Dong-Eun’s life and those who are aiding her in her revenge. She tracks Hyeon-Nam down and threatens her to switch sides lest she wishes for her daughter to be harmed in any manner. Meanwhile, Yeo-Jeong devises a plan to get Yeon-Jin to spill the truth.

Hye-Jeong gets a hold of Myeong-O’s recording that potentially incriminates Yeon-Jin, who goes to pay Hyeon-Nam a visit just as she’s about to bid her daughter farewell at the airport. Meanwhile, Dong-Eun finally puts her revenge mission’s last phase into motion.

Sa-Ra and Yeon-Jin are hit by Dong-Eun’s onslaught and deal with it in their own capacities. Meanwhile, Dong-Eun learns of the hell that Yeo-Jeong has been struggling with. Shin Yeong-Jun and Yeon-Jin panic over Myeong-O’s dead body while Dong-Eun takes care of the problem her mother poses.

Yeon-Jin tries to do damage control while Dong-Eun goes after her mother, asking for a major piece of evidence. Thereafter, Dong-Eun’s revenge plan finally bears fruit as her enemies and tormentors fall one by one.

The Glory part 2 ending explained in detail:

Who killed Myeong-O?

Park Yeon-Jin killed Myeong-O, to prevent him from publicizing the truth about Yoon So-Hee’s death. After trying to bait everyone to extort any sort of money, Son Myeong-O finally calls Yeon-Jin to the same spot she always carries out her promiscuous affairs at — Siesta’s changing room.

Myeong-O taps the recording button on his phone and threatens Yeon-Jin with revelations of her cheating he will commence, but she’s not intimidated by that extortion angle even a little bit. That’s when Myeong-O shifts the gear and mentions Yoon So-Hee.

That’s the moment Yeon-Jin’s expression change entirely, as Myeong-O tells her that the girl’s body is still at Joo General Hospital, and the key piece of evidence incriminating Yeon-Jin is in his pockets. When she lunges at his pocket, she finds a condom instead of her high school nametag.

Her rabid actions are sufficient, though, to confirm her culpability and her panic, and Myeong-O delights in the prospect of extortion this offers him. However, his celebrations are cut short as Yeon-Jin takes one of the liquor bottles and smashes his head with it a couple of times, as Myeong-O drops to the floor, slowly losing consciousness in his own pool of blood.

However, it’s at the end of The Glory part 2 where it’s revealed that the final blow that takes him out, comes from Kim Gyeong-Ran, the bully that the group used to torture after Dong-Eun, who still works for them and never quite got the courage for revenge until Dong-Eun returned to take hers.

How did Yoon So-Hee die?

Yeon-Jin killed So-Hee, by throwing her off the terrace back in high school. However, a lot transpired in the build-up to her death.

One day while outside with her friends, Yeon-Jin spotted their concurrent subject of torment, So-Hee, wearing a top with the same design as hers. As Sa-Ra and Hye-Jeong laughably pulled their leader’s legs, Yeon-Jin got really miffed at a poor girl’s audacity to sport a similar-looking top as hers.

She instantly demands So-Hee strip off, in public, but she flees the place as Hye-Jeong recorded this whole spiel on her phone. Later, Yeon-Jin would confront So-Hee again, this time on the terrace of the school building, still not able to let go of her victim wearing a similar knockoff dress that she wore.

However, seeing how she’s all alone at the moment, So-Hee says to her how she pities her and calls her out for all her insecurities and personal weaknesses that become clear when she’s not with her group. Finding it even more grating to her ego, Yeon-Jin pulls out her lighter and sets So-Hee’s sweater on fire.

As So-Hee lunges at Yeon-Jin in the panic that ensues, Yeon-Jin quickly pushes her away, and off the ledge, to her eventual death. Dong-Eun was present nearby when Yeon-Jin killed So-Hee that day.

Following So-Hee’s death, Yeon-Jin’s mother would enlist Detective Shin’s help to clean up after her daughter and sanitize the crime scene, but he’d miss spotting the lighter and Yeon-Jin’s nametag, which would be spotted much later by Dong-Eun.

How does Yeon-Jin get arrested?

Dong-Eun, and her executioner, Joo Yeo-Jeong, work together to take Yeon-Jin down. They first get Hye-Jeong to somehow invite Yeon-Jin to Yeo-Jeong’s clinic, where he plants the idea in her to get some work done on her.

After giving her anesthesia, Yeo-Jeong takes out a strand of Yeon-Jin’s skin from the injury on her foot that Myeong-O gave her. This helps him secure her DNA, which he eventually plants on Myeong-O’s dead body, which is kept in the funeral home that he purchases from its owners.

The detectives working on the case pick up on the lighter that was never investigated since So-Hee’s death was ruled out as suicide, but when they do run diagnostics on it again, in the light of the recent events and Dong-Eun’s revelations, they find a match with the DNA recovered from Myeong-O’s fingernails.

However, that’s not the only thing that incriminates Yeon-Jin. At the end of The Glory part 2, Gyeong-Ran hands over the liquor bottle that Yeon-Jin, and herself, used to kill Myeong-O. Dong-Eun breaks all the security cameras and plants the liquor bottle back at the scene and gives an anonymous tip to the detectives.

As the forensics department work at the scene, Yeon-Jin comes rushing in, panicking after she’s sent a video of the liquor bottle situated at the crime scene. She’s arrested moments after this takes place.

What happens to Hye-Jeong?

Hye-Jeong breaks it off with her fiance over text when she sees a glimmer of hope in the prospect of getting together with Jae-Jun, and eventually marrying him. Meanwhile, she continues to do Dong-Eun’s bidding as she has no other choice.

Dong-Eun’s plan works wonders as the group continues tearing itself apart. Hye-Jeong takes delight in Park Yeon-Jin and Lee Sa-Ra’s falls from grace. She spits on the face (metaphorically) of Yeon-Jin, as she deludes herself into thinking that she has a chance with Jeon Jae-Jun.

At Myeong-O’s funeral, she shares with the group the video of an intoxicated Lee Sa-Ra fellating the dead friend. Lee Sa-Ra starts fighting Yeon-Jin, who arrives there to confront the former regarding the video of her bullying So-Hee that was made public.

However, as Hye-Jeong walks out taunting the two quarreling former friends, Lee Sa-Ra adds it all together and realizes that Hye-Jeong shared the video with the group. Following that realization, she takes no time in attacking Hye-Jeong, as she impales her neck with a sharp object.

In the last episode of The Glory, Hye-Jeong is hospitalized, where she eventually survives but her vocal cords get severely damaged, with the doctor claiming that there’s a really slim chance of them healing completely, and her being able to talk properly again.

As her final use, Dong-Eun gets her on board the last time, to take revenge on Jae-Jun, which she does by replacing his glaucoma eyedrops solution with hand sanitizer, causing his eyes to sustain great damage that ultimately leads to his death.

Who kills Jeon Jae-Jun?

Jeon Jae-Jun is killed by Ha Do-Yeong. Throughout the second part of The Glory, he’s perturbed by Jae-Jun again and again, as the latter continues to taunt him about the fact that his wife, Yeon-Jin, slept with him so many times.

He also taunts him about Ye-Sol, who he claims is his own daughter since she is his biological offspring. However, Ha Do-Yeong considers Ye-Sol his own daughter and loves her the most, and even if he has to part ways with Yeon-Jin, he doesn’t want to let go of Ye-Sol.

However, Jae-Jun keeps pestering him by approaching Ye-Sol and making efforts to take her away from him. He even uses her to threaten Do-Yeong when he reveals to him the evidence of Yeon-Jin killing Myeong-O. He asks Do-Yeong to split up with Yeon-Jin and give Ye-Sol custody up, since, as he explains, she won’t like her mother to turn out to be a murderer.

Do-Yeong doesn’t give up on Ye-Sol, however, and divorces Yeon-Jin only at the very end of The Glory part 2, after he’s done with Jae-Jun. After he puts the sanitizer into his eyes, Jae-Jun suffers pain while driving his car, as a truck rams into his car from the side.

An injured and bleeding Jae-Jun stumbles his way to a construction site, where he can’t determine who it is that wants to kill him. The person moves forward and pushes Jeon Jae-Jun off the elevated spot, and down into the pool of cement goes Jae-Jun, succumbing to the fall and dying.

Meanwhile, Do-Yeong departs for the UK with his daughter Ye-Sol.

What happens to Lee Sa-Ra?

Lee Sa-Ra is the first victim of Dong-Eun’s final phase of revenge. Sa-Ra is a junkie and using her addiction to her advantage, Dong-Eun sends her to the abandoned spot at the same building where her family church is, luring her with drugs.

Sa-Ra takes the bait and gets high, tripping to the point she starts seeing things, even hallucinating Myeong-O and masturbating to him. Dong-Eun, meanwhile, directs all the churchgoers to the spot, and as Lee Sa-Ra acts out the lowest point of her life, the cameras flash away, capturing her blasphemy live, and broadcasting it.

At the same time, Dong-Eun gets the statements of So-Hee’s mother published online but to suppress them, Yeon-Jin plays her hand, bribing her trusted person to instead do a big article on Lee Sa-Ra’s family’s tax evasion.

This later causes a rift between the two and after stabbing Hye-Joo in the neck, the ending of The Glory part 2 sees Lee Sa-Ra getting arrested by the police and her family’s tax evasion case getting tried at the court.

What happens to Joo Yeo-Jeong?

Joo Yeo-Jeong had known about So-Hee before he’d even started talking to Dong-Eun. That’s because he’d seen the same burn marks on her body as on her friend’s dead body that Dong-Eun had visited to see.

He had decided then and there, that he’d become the executioner for her, that he’d help her no matter what. Dong-Eun initially uses him to get her revenge and later feels guilty about it, knowing not that Yeo-Jeong knows about her case and doesn’t care how she uses him.

Later on, she comes to know about it and embraces him, loving him even more than before, as the bond between the two grows to be more formidable than ever. However, after she’s done with her revenge, Dong-Eun spends the last quality moments with him, before ghosting him to go and end her life.

However, Yeo-Jeong’s mother arrives at the terrace of Dong-Eun’s high school and stops her from committing suicide, telling her about her son, and how she has to help him live. She tells her that Yeo-Jeong has been living in a hell of his own and he won’t survive without her.

Dong-Eun decides to live on and become the executioner of the man who became her executioner so readily, one who loves her so unconditionally, and one who she can’t put her walls up against.

She pursues higher education and eventually finds herself as the teacher helping inmates out at the Gisan prison, the same facility where she gets Kang Yeong-Cheon transferred through her connections. Yeong-Cheon is the same remorseless murderer who killed Yeo-Jeong’s father and made his life hell.

Yeo-Jeong decided to take revenge on the murderer and with the help of his lover, gets into the prison as the prison doctor, checking up on inmates, and developing his goodwill with them by helping their family members outside the prison as well.

Meanwhile, as thanks, he asks them to make Yeong-Cheon’s life a perpetual hell in the prison, as a new batch of inmates roughs him up every now and then. The ending of The Glory sees Yeo-Jeong happy to be working for his revenge with the love of his life.

What happens to Hyeon-Nam?

Hyeon-Nam’s abusive husband is finally taken care of in The Glory part 2, as she and Dong-Eun work together to have him killed. Before all that though, Hyeon-Nam’s daughter Sun-A is given safe passage to America, where she will complete her further education and live safely.

After that’s done, they bait the abusive Lee Seok-Jae into blackmailing Yeon-Jin’s mom, Hong Yeong-Ae. He tries to extort money out of her on the premise that he knows who her daughter killed.

Yeong-Ae, meanwhile, arranges for Lee Seok-Jae’s death and in the end, rams her with her car while Detective Shin is sitting beside her — as per her design so that he becomes a witness to the incident and stays to help her, instead of running off to Hawaii.

Seok-Jae’s death finally frees Hyeon-Nam from her years of torment and lifts up the clouds of darkness over her as well as Sun-A’s life. However, she is broken when she has to part ways with Dong-Eun.

That’s until the end of The Glory part 2, however, as she receives a new text from her previous accomplice and employer, who needs her for a new job, which delights her to no end.

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