Kal: Mea Culpa character explained

In Mea Culpa, Kal is Mea’s husband, who has lost his job and is relying on Mea. Sean Sagar plays Kal.

Mea married Kal because he is the man she loved, but their love story isn’t the fairy tale she dreamed of.

Kal loves his mother, Azalea, more than anyone. He prioritizes Azalea over everything. Mea can’t explain the devotion Kal has for his mother.

However, this devotion is affecting Mea and Kal’s relationship. Azalea doesn’t like Mea at all, as their family struggles to keep her under their control.

Kal’s nature and reliance on Mea

Kal acts nice compared to his brother Ray. At the same time, he does have those controlling traits of his family, which can be seen when he tries to stop Mea from picking up Zyair’s case.

In the film, Kal has recently lost his job as an anesthesiologist after going to work drunk and reeking of alcohol. Kal and Mea are relying solely on Mea’s paychecks now.

Kal: Mea Culpa character explained 1
Kal tries to stop Mea from taking Zyair’s case

Kal doesn’t want his brother and mother to find out about this. Mea is keeping this a secret. Hence, when he tells her not to pick up Zyair’s case, she confronts him with the bills she has been paying, which also include his mother’s bills.

Zyair’s case alone will get them through a few months, and therefore, Kal is reminded that he is no one to tell Mea what she should do.

Apart from Kal relying on her, Kal’s recent closeness to his childhood friend, Jenna, is something that bothers Mea. Kal and Jenna were sitting and holding hands together, which Mea thinks is not right.

Kal’s fate

Mea ends up cheating on Kal with Zyair after seeing a picture of Kal entering a hotel room with Jenna. She regrets it when she learns that Kal’s whole family shifted there to be near the hospital because Azalia was not feeling well.

However, in the end, Mea doesn’t regret sleeping with Zyair when she learns about Kal and his family’s plot to punish Charlise and Zyair.

Mea thinks Kal isn’t playing a role in their plan, but it turns out that he is. Kal expresses that he should have listened to his brother and beat Mea up to get her in line. He regrets that he opted to sort things out sweetly.

That’s when Mea realizes that she fell for Zyair because, unlike Kal, Zyair is a real man with money and success.

Mea calls Kal weak and causes an accident to escape him. Mea exposes Kal’s family and saves Zyair from going to jail. Kal’s brother is arrested.

When it comes to Kal, the film hints that Kal dies in the accident.

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