Jung Eui-Hwan: Behind Your Touch character explained

Jung Eui-Hwan is a major supporting character in Behind Your Touch. The character is played by Yang Jae-Sung.

Bong Ye-Bun was deprived of her father very early on in childhood, and by the time she started high school, her mother passed away as well.

She was not alone, though, as she found her second home in Mujin, at her grandfather and aunt’s home. However, while her aunt adored her, Ye-Bun always longed for even a moment of attention from her grandfather, Dr. Jung Eui-Hwan.

A man cold and distant

From the very first time that Ye-Bun meets her grandfather, he shows little to no interest in her. He sports a cold and sometimes almost cruel persona whenever she tries to interact with him.

Even during the moments when she needs some validation for her excellent achievements, he has none to spare. He’s always awkwardly alien and distant to her.

Jung Eui-Hwan Behind Your Touch
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Later on in Behind Your Touch, it is revealed that he was at odds with her daughter who went against his wishes with the man she married. This became one of the main reasons behind his cold and distant treatment of her granddaughter.

Behind her back, though, he always cherished her achievements and shed tears while getting emotional.

A man loving and vengeful

Jung Eui-Hwan was a veterinary doctor and owned an animal clinic in Mujin. He wanted his daughter Mi-Ok to pursue the Veterinary field as well, but she dissented and tread a different path.

That wasn’t the only thing Mi-Ok did that was against her father’s wishes. She also went on to marry a man of not his liking. She went into journalism and extensively covered and wrote on grand-scale fraud by Assemblyman Yoon Deok-Hyeon.

This eventually led to her death, which was ruled as suicide but he always knew it wasn’t.

To dig deeper into what his daughter was investigating, and to dig deep into her death itself, Jung Eui-Hwan keeps himself close to Cha Ju-Man, the assemblyman who killed her and the one who was involved in the fraud as well.

In spite of his old age and decrepit, ailing frame suffering from Parkinson’s, Eui-Hwan keeps investigating and seeks revenge on Ju-Man for his daughter’s death.

He goes through all this pain and trouble because he always loved his daughter dearly. He keeps his photograph with her daughter, Ye-Bun, saved inside one of the closets in his room.

Never letting his expressions and body say the same thing as his heart, partly because of his clinical condition as well, Jung Eui-Hwan kept burning with the flame of vengeance for the daughter he loved and cherished, and also one he so regretfully couldn’t protect.

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