Joel’s notebook in Back to 15 season 2 explained

In Back to 15 season 2, Joel’s notebook, which contains crucial information about all the future events, falls into the wrong hands. 

The second season of Back to 15 sees Joel time-traveling with Anita and going back to the time when he was in high school. As he knows what is going to happen in the future, Jole comes up with a plan to become a millionaire. 

Joel realizes that he can bet on football matches and win all the bets because he already knows what the result is going to be. He then notes down the significant events from 2006 to 2021 in a notebook, which ends up creating a lot of problems in the future.  

The golden goose

At the inter-school games, after getting hit in the face by Carol, Eduardo runs into Joel. When Joel taunts him, Eduardo and his friends bully him. Eduardo then finds Joel’s notebook in his bag and steals it after taking a look at the contents.

Back to 15 season 2 Joel's notebook
Eduardo steals Joel’s notebook

This incident has a huge impact on the future. In the new timeline that is created, Joel’s van is his home. The lives of his other friends are not any better; everyone is miserable in their lives, except Anita, who is not living in Imperatriz anymore.

Anita comes to know that her mother is selling their house and decides to stop running away from the painful memories of her past. She returns to Imperatriz, only to realize that everything has changed.

Her hometown is unrecognizable, as an anonymous real estate fund from Belo Horizonte is buying everyone out, including Anita’s old school. They want to turn Imperatriz into Paris. Henrique works for this fund, but he does not know who owns it.

Anita and her friends get drunk and take down the ridiculous Eiffel Tower that the fund has built in the middle of the town. They get arrested and are taken to the police station, where they meet the man who is responsible for their town changing.

It turns out Eduardo is the main investor in the fund, and he now owns most of the buildings in Imperatriz. He was able to do all this only because he had Joel’s notebook.

Eduardo placed bets using the information in Joel’s notebook and won each one of them. After doing this for fifteen long years, he was able to amass enough wealth to buy the whole town.

Changing the past 

Joel convinces a reluctant Anita to go back in time and stop Eduardo. For her friends’ sake, Anita agrees and goes back to the year 2006 along with Joel. The two of them plan to stop Eduardo from winning his first bet — the raffle at the school festival.

While Joel wants to steal the notebook back from Eduardo, Antia wants to make him believe that the information in the notebook is false, as she fears that he might have memorized everything already. 

Back to 15 season 2 Joel's notebook
Eduardo brings Joel’s notebook to the festival

She is certain that Eduardo will bring the notebook to the festival and pick number 42 in the raffle, so she asks Joel to remove the ball with the number 42 on it in order to prevent it from being picked as the winner.

Joel fails to get his hands on the ball because he is first caught by Ms. Beth and then cornered by Eduardo and his friends. They tie him to a tree, and by the time Anita finds him, it is already too late. As stated in the notebook, number 42 wins.

Now that Eduardo knows that the information in the notebook is correct, he plans to memorize it. However, as soon as Anita and Joel realize that Eduardo has not memorized anything yet, they try to take the notebook from him.

They chase Eduardo and manage to get the notebook back when Eduardo gets into a minor accident. An upset Eduardo no longer fights Joel and Anita for it. Eventually, Joel and Anita burn the notebook to prevent it from being found by anyone else.

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