Jeong Gu-won: My Demon character explained

In My Demon, Jeong Gu-won, a demon, finds himself in need of a human’s help after he loses his powers. Jeong Gu-won is played by Song Kang.

Jeong Gu-won is a demon from Hell. For 200 years, he has been making deals with humans and sending their souls to the underworld. Humans believe that he is an evil spirit that leads them astray, but Gu-won thinks that evil stems from human desires.

As a demon, it is Gu-won’s job to tempt humans and make deals with them. He looks for scared, lonely, and desperate humans who will not hesitate to sign a blood contract with him. 

Gu-won makes their wishes come true for a specific period of time. Once the contract expires, he sends their souls to Hell. Gu-won is good at tempting humans. He was able to get Mr. Park, who later became his butler, to sign a contract with him in two lifetimes. 

A deal gone wrong

On a regular night, Gu-won’s search for a desperate and scared human leads him to Do Do-hee, the CEO of Mirae F&B. Do-hee, who had earlier mistaken Gu-won for her blind date, gets attacked by a man who wants to kill her.

Gu-won offers to save Do-hee’s life, but Do-hee must make a deal with him. Although she is reluctant, as she does not know anything about the said deal, she agrees to Gu-won’s terms because she is being pursued by a killer and has no better option.

Gu-won decides to dispose of the killer before making Do-hee sign the contract. Strangely, Gu-won’s powers do not work when he tries to stop the killer from harming Do-hee. Gu-won then jumps into the river to rescue Do-hee and loses consciousness.

Do-hee tries to save Gu-won from drowning and almost dies. Do-hee’s actions cause the tattoo that holds Gu-won’s powers to get transferred to her wrist, resulting in Gu-won losing his powers.

My Demon Jeong Gu-won
Gu-won’s tattoo disappears

A human companion

Gu-won lives among humans and looks like them, but, unlike humans, he cannot go without special powers. To survive, Gu-won needs to keep making deals and collecting souls when the old contracts expire. 

Without his powers, he is not stronger than other humans. On top of that, he cannot make contracts or collect souls. The failure to do his job can lead to Gu-won spontaneously combusting. 

Gu-won no longer possesses his powers, but he realizes that he can still use them by holding Do-hee’s hand. With her help, he is able to continue his work. As Do-hee holds the key to his powers, Gu-won has no choice but to stick with her.

While Gu-won needs Do-hee to use his powers, Do-hee needs Gu-won’s protection. Until the demon finds a way to regain his powers, he must protect Do-hee, who is being targeted by a murderer.

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