Do Do-hee: My Demon character explained

In My Demon, after a disastrous blind date, businesswoman Do Do-hee becomes indispensable to a demon who needs to regain his lost powers. Kim Yoo-jung plays Do Do-hee.

Do Do-hee has many nicknames, and Mirae Group’s princess is one of them. She is a successful businesswoman as well as an internet sensation. While Do-hee only wants to focus on her career, Madam Ju, the chairman of the Mirae Group, wants Do-hee to marry.

Do-hee does not wish to date anyone, but she is forced to go on blind dates arranged by Madam Ju. Do-hee keeps rejecting the men that Madam Ju chooses for her until she meets Jeong Gu-won.

Holding the powers of a demon

The matchmaker hired by Madam Ju accidentally gives Do-hee the wrong address, and Do-hee ends up meeting Jeong Gu-won, who is a demon, instead of her blind date. Initially, she is rude to him, as she has no intention of dating him.

However, when Gu-won impresses her without meaning to, Do-hee decides to give him a chance. She soon finds out that Gu-won has no intention of being in a relationship with her because he is not the man she was supposed to meet.

My Demon Do Do-hee
Do-hee’s date with Gu-won

That night, Do-hee gets attacked by a man and meets Gu-won again. Gu-won wants to make a deal with Do-hee in exchange for saving her. As the killer is still pursuing her and Do-hee is desperate, she agrees, but she never gets to sign the contract. 

The attack by the assailant results in Gu-won and Do-hee falling into the river. Gu-won loses consciousness, and Do-hee risks her life to save him. While trying to rescue him, Do-hee almost dies, and that is when Gu-won’s tattoo appears on Do-hee’s wrist.

When the tattoo gets transferred from Gu-won’s wrist to Do-hee’s wrist, the demon loses his powers. Now, he can only use his powers when he is holding Do-hee’s hand. This earns Do-hee Gu-won’s protection, which Do-hee needs more than anything.

The attempts on Do-hee’s life

When Do-hee was eleven, she lost her parents in a car accident. Her father, an engineer, had cofounded Mirae Electronics, the parent company of Mirae Group. After his death, his business partner, Madam Ju, adopted Do-hee.

Do-hee worked hard to start a dessert company when she was in college. The company became number one in just a few years and was acquired by the Mirae Group. Do-hee is now the CEO of Mirae F&B, a well-known company.

My Demon Do Do-hee
Do-hee with Madam Ju

Madam Ju has two children, a grandson, and a nephew, yet she loves Do-hee more than anyone. This gives Madam Ju’s family a motive to do away with Do-hee, who can be named the next chairperson of the Mirae Group.

Furthermore, Madam Ju knows something about Do-hee’s parents’ accident that she has not told Do-hee, as she fears that Do-hee might not forgive her. It is because of Madam Ju’s past actions that a man has been targeting Do-hee.

Due to the Mirae Group’s internal power struggle and the secrets of the past, Do-hee cannot trust anyone. However, she can trust Gu-won, who will protect her as long as she holds the key to his powers.

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