Bong Ye-Bun’s psychic powers in Behind Your Touch explained

Bong Ye-Bun, the protagonist of Netflix’s Behind Your Touch, gets her life turned upside down when she gains psychic powers.

Bong Ye-Bun is a vet in the town called Mujin. Her hospital focuses on pet cats and dogs and yet she frequently finds herself diagnosing and treating cows and pigs.

On one such dreadful job one night when the night sky is busy with a meteor shower, she diagnoses a cow. Before she’s finished with the job, a meteor falls nearby and inexplicably gives her powers.

Three days later, she wakes up to find she can read animals’ memories.

Behind animals

Bong Ye-Bun touches a cat’s butt and has an instant montage of its memories flash inside her mind. The same thing happens with any animal she touches the butt of.

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At first, she is utterly confounded, disoriented, and creeped out by these visions she is struck by every time she touches an animal’s butt.

She visits all kinds of doctors but they suggest she seek a psychiatrist. She even visits a shaman who turns out to be a sham and she narrowly escapes getting totally ripped off.

Bong Ye-Bun's powers
Image source: Netflix

After coming to terms with the absurd nature of these powers, she uses them on the animals that are brought into the hospital and since her diagnoses turn out to be so accurate, word gets out and more and more people flock to her with their pets.

Behind Humans

Bong Ye-Bun soon begins to wonder about the scope of her powers. She wonders if touching a human’s behind will produce the same results as touching an animal’s butt.

Her first test subject is a pickpocket who she spots while traveling on a bus. She gets behind him strategically and uses the inertial swings of the bus to pat his bottom. She tries it twice, but the powers fail her.

She later tries the same on her best friend Ok-Hui, but her powers fail her again. Bong Ye-Bun concludes that she can only look into the memories of the animals, not humans.

She also tries them on a lottery ticket but non-living things are out of her scope as well. However, she later learns that Ok-Hui was wearing a butt pad the last time when she tried her powers on her.

Ok-Hui’s behind, bereft of the padding, enables Ye-Bun to activate her powers again.

A question might arise as to why the pickpocket case didn’t work out similarly, to which the likeliest answer can be that he had something inside his back pocket that prohibited the powers, just like the first attempt with Ok-Hui.

Behind Bong Ye-Bun’s troubles

Bong Ye-Bun’s powers are incredible and provide her with a means to boost her business. To be able to delve directly into the memories of the animals gives her an opportunity that understands the root cause of the ailments they’re suffering from.

She doesn’t only, then, diagnose the pathological conditions accurately but also the mood, feelings, and sometimes the topographical and sociological reasons for their issues. It works wonders too, as more and more people flock to her with their pets.

However, the powers also come with a bane, as she finds herself peeking into the memories of a serial killer who has abducted a woman who he keeps tied up in a secret spot where he tortures her.

Ye-Bun is a woman with a conscience, and she can’t just ignore such a terrifying reality she’s been made privy to by her powers.

However, to do something about it, especially on her own, since authorities would be crazy to believe her babble about psychometry, is a highly risky endeavor, to say the least.

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