Jee Karda summary and ending explained

Jee Karda revolves around seven friends who have been there for each other since their school days. However, a few wrong choices might damage the relationship they share. The series is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The story begins with seven teenagers going to a magician who also reads faces. Each of them is told to beware of different things in their lives, but they consider the reading bogus, as some of the warnings make no sense. One of them, Lavanya, is told to beware of the year 2022. 

Years later, in 2022, they all are still friends, and Lavanya is still dating her childhood boyfriend, Rishabh. She gets a promotion and becomes a senior architect. Soon after, a drunk Rishabh proposes to her at the anniversary party of their friend, Sheetal.

Sheetal has been married to Sameer for three years now. They live in a small flat with Sameer’s parents and his older brother’s family. Sheetal wants Sameer to move into another flat in the same building, as they do not even have a room of their own, but Sameer refuses to leave his family. 

Their friend group also includes Shahid. Although they all went to the same school and grew up together, Shahid does not feel like he belongs with his friends, as he came from a poor family. He is now a teacher at a school where rich students keep humiliating him.

Then there is Preet, a counselor who has not been able to find the right man for years. Everyone knows that Preet likes Arjun, their friend who is a famous Punjabi singer, but Arjun does not feel the same way.  

Lastly, there is Melroy, who is in a toxic relationship with a man named Yavar, whose family does not know that he is gay. Melroy and Yavar keep fighting, but every time Yavar flies to Mumbai to be with Melroy, he forgives him.

Rishabh and Lavanya get engaged in a drunken state, and Lavanya regrets it the next day, as she is not ready to get married. She wants to wait for another two years to marry Rishabh, but when their parents get involved and pressure them, Lavanya agrees to get married within a few months.

This is also the time when Arjun returns from Canada. Arjun has been like a brother to Rishabh; even Arjun’s mother considers him her son. While Rishabh invests in apps and runs a restaurant, Arjun causes scandals and gets recognized wherever he goes.

Meanwhile, Shahid is asked to train the school principal’s niece, Aayat, who has come from the US. Shahid falls in love with her and decides to propose to her, only to find out that she is already married. Her husband has returned from the US to sort things out with her.

A heartbroken Shahid confesses to Preet how he has never felt like a part of their friend group, but Preet assures him that is not the case. Preet also starts dating an egoistical actor, but the relationship does not last long.

A glimpse into the past reveals that Arjun and Lavanya liked each other in school and even dated for a while. Lavanya was heartbroken when she saw Arjun with another girl. It was Rishabh who consoled her, and the two of them then started dating.

The pressure of the wedding as well as Rishabh’s overbearing parents cause tensions between Rishabh and Lavanya and make Lavanya constantly doubt her decision to get married. On the other hand, Arjun and Lavanya grow close again.

Melroy’s boyfriend keeps hurting him over and over again. One day, Yavar tells Melroy that his parents are getting him married to a girl.

When Melroy claims that Yavar only comes to Mumbai to sleep with him and cannot accept himself, Yavar beats him up, which lands Melroy in the hospital. Melroy still refuses to tell the police the truth about what happened, but the two of them break up once and for all.

It turns out that Melroy was physically and sexually abused by his stepfather when he was a teenager. He even ran away from home, and it was his friends who found him. His mother did not believe him until his friends recorded it all and rescued him. 

That was a traumatic incident for him and his friends. All of them were comforted by their parents, except Shahid, whose father used to hit him. Melroy’s stepfather then killed himself right in front of the children.

Sheetal longs to spend some time alone with her husband, but Sameer keeps disappointing her. She is forced to live in a cramped house with Sameer’s family and design outfits for neighborhood women, even though she has the talent and a degree to be a designer and earn a lot more.

As Lavanya and Rishabh’s wedding approaches, things get worse between the couple due to Rishabh’s parents’ interference. The couple now has to spend the money that they had been saving to buy a house.

On top of that, Lavanya finds out that Rishabh used the money from their house fund to invest in an app. The app does not go live as planned, and this results in another argument between them. It ends with Rishabh getting into an accident and breaking his arm a week before the wedding.

At the same time, Arjun releases a song, and a famous classical singer accuses him of plagiarism. Arjun then comes to know that the singer is his father and that his mother lied to him about his father being dead. Rishabh knew the truth, but he never said anything to Arjun.

Although Arjun is upset and angry at his mother for lying to him for years, he still shows up for Rishabh’s wedding. He drinks a lot, laughs and smiles, and keeps trying to hide his feelings. 

Jee Karda ending explained in detail:

Does Lavanya marry Rishabh?

Rishabh’s parents continue interfering and changing the wedding arrangements without consulting the bride and the groom, much to Lavanya’s annoyance. His parents also disapprove of the way Lavanya’s mother dances, and Rishabh asks Lavanya to stop her mother.

Lavanya refuses, and the two of them start arguing in front of the guests. Their friends calm them down, and Lavanya leaves to be alone for a while. She runs into Arjun, and the two of them end up sleeping together. 

When Lavanya returns, Rishabh accepts that he was wrong and apologizes to her. His sincere apology and declaration of love convince her to marry him, but not without feeling guilty. Neither she nor Arjun tell him what happened between them. 

How do the lives of the friends change?

Preet meets Reuben, a doctor, at the wedding, and the two of them start dating. Reuben seems to be perfect for Preet, and she likes being with him.

Arjun apologizes to his mother for being angry with her. He promises to stand by the choice she made. However, the truth about his father and the guilt of sleeping with Lavanya turn him into a star who is always frustrated and snapping at people.

Lavanya is not doing any better. Due to the guilt, she does not enjoy her honeymoon and keeps growing apart from Rishabh. He tries to get her to talk about the issues that are bothering her, but to no avail.

Shahid had plans to quit his job, but he changed his plans when he met Aayat. Tired of teaching ungrateful children, he finally quits his job and decides to teach underprivileged children. He refuses to have anything to do with Aayat when she tells him that her husband left once again.  

Melroy tries to get over Yavar, who is getting married, by sleeping with different people. He does not want to date anyone for now because he wants to be on his own for a while.

Do they all get happy endings? 

Reuben tells Preet that he is moving to Delhi, and he wants her to join him. Reuben does not want to be in a long-distance relationship, as his past experience has not been the best. 

Initially, Preet wants to move with him, but Lavanya, who regrets getting married, discourages her from doing so. Preet finally tells Reuben that she is not ready to move with him. Reuben cannot deal with her confusion and breaks up with her.

Shahid starts a school for underprivileged children. He goes to their houses to get them to register, and they agree when they hear that Arjun will be there. However, when the day comes, none of his friends show up, and Shahid looks like a liar to everyone.

Melroy gets a call from Yavar on the day of his wedding. Yavar asks for Melroy’s help, and Melroy decides to go to him. Yavar’s bride sees him confessing his love to Melroy, and Melroy helps Yavar run away.

Once they get away from there, Melroy makes it clear that he is not getting back together with Yavar. He then asks Yavar to decide if he has the courage to not marry the girl his parents have chosen, and Yavar breaks down at the idea of getting married, but unlike before, Melroy stays firm in his decision of not being with Yavar.

Sheetal tells Sameer that she cannot live like this anymore. She decides to leave because she is pregnant and knows that Sameer will never move out of his parents’ house. She tells Sameer’s mother about her pregnancy, but not Sameer.

Preet misses Reuben and texts him, but he does not answer. As all the friends go to Preet’s birthday party at Rishabh’s restaurant, they remember the warnings given to them by the magician; the warnings turned out to be accurate.

Despite their issues, Rishabh had earlier told Lavanya that he does not regret marrying her and that he still loves her. However, Lavanya does not feel the same. At Preet’s birthday party, Lavanya admits to Sheetal that her marriage is anything but perfect. 

Does Rishabh find out about Lavanya and Arjun?

At Preet’s party, Lavanya smokes outside the restaurant and discards a cigarette without putting it out, which results in a fire outside the restaurant. 

When Shahid tries to leave the party, he gets into an argument with his friends about them not being there for him. The argument ends with Shahid telling Rishabh that he saw Lavanya cheating on him with Arjun right before their marriage.

At that moment, the fire spreads and reaches the restaurant. The friends make it out of there without getting hurt. Arjun reaches the restaurant once the fire is put out, but he leaves immediately when he realizes that Rishabh found out about him and Lavanya. 

The police then arrest Rishabh, as he owns the place. Lavanya, Melroy, Sheetal, and Preet go to help Rishabh out, and Lavanya admits that she enjoyed sleeping with Arjun. At a time like this, Rishabh comes to know that his app finally got sold for 10 million dollars.   

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