My Fault summary and ending explained

My Fault focuses on Noah, a young woman who moves into a mansion with her mother, Rafaella, and her new billionaire husband. Amid this change, she finds herself navigating a potential conflict-fuelled romance with her stepbrother Nick. It is based on the eponymous best-selling novel by Argentine writer, Mercedes Ron.

Plot summary

My Fault opens with Noah having to leave her town, boyfriend and friends to move in with her mother, Rafaella, and her new billionaire husband, William Leister.

Noah arrives at her lavish new home and isn’t too swayed by the lifestyle, finding it overly pretentious. Finally, she meets William’s son, Nick and they don’t get off on the right foot. 

He is quite proud and arrogant and isn’t pleased about having Noah in the house. However, he is attracted to her rebellious demeanour. 

During their first dinner together, we find out that Nick is considered to be the perfect son as he is a surfing champion and studying to become a lawyer. When he excuses himself to allegedly work on a case, Noah wants to leave too.

Coincidentally, the folks ask Nick to drop Noah home. We soon discover that Nick isn’t the goody two shoes his parents think he is. He parties profusely, races cars, and uses boxing as a means of coping with nerves.

During their ride home, Nick drops Noah in the middle of nowhere after she brings up the former’s mother. Luckily, she is picked up by Nick’s friend, Mario. 

She accompanies him to a party and notices Nick enjoying himself instead of working on a case. Noah threatens to expose his lies to the parents but consumes spiked drinks herself. 

Nick helps her get home safely and the two agree to safeguard each other’s secrets. 

Soon after, Noah goes to an illegal car race which Nick is a part of. He wins the first race but is visibly flustered when he watches Noah kiss another man. 

It is explained that Noah receives pictures of her boyfriend kissing another woman. To get back at him, she kisses a random guy for a picture as well.

In a curious turn of events, Nick proposes that he should be the one for Noah to kiss. However, in return, she has to go back home. She agrees, and they kiss. 

As Noah waits in Nick’s car, a crook named Ronnie challenges her to a race. He is supposed to race Nick and Noah tries to get out of the situation.

However, when he insults her, Noah’s pride forces her to teach the man a lesson. She wins the race, but a rude shock awaits. 

According to the deal between Nick and Ronnie, the former was supposed to compete in the race, and since he did not, Ronnie asks him to hand over his car, and the race wins.

A scuffle breaks out when Ronnie insults Noah, and Nick punches him in the face. The two escape and show genuine concern towards each other. 

My Fault ending explained in detail:

What is Noah’s traumatic past?

Nick notices that Noah collapsed during the fight and discovers that she experienced childhood trauma due to an abusive father. 

He used to torture her mother relentlessly, and when things got out of hand, Rafaella used to hide her in the cupboard. This led to her developing a fear of closed spaces and violence. 

He almost killed Noah one day with a knife and was arrested. Her statement was vital in his being declared guilty. 

How does Noah’s and Nick’s relationship develop?

Nick starts falling hard for Noah, and she reciprocates the feelings. They kiss once again but decide to maintain their distance since they are step-siblings. 

In a comedic twist, Noah’s cheating ex shows up, and she has to hide Noah from him as she sent him a picture of them kissing. Elsewhere, Ronnie finds Nick and beats him up to send a message to Noah.

As the two share a tender moment together, Dan walks in on them. Noah forgives Dan for cheating on her but asks not to spill her secret. He keeps his word and flies out the next day. 

Unfortunately, things go sour between them when she sees Nick take part in an underground fistfight. Her trauma acts up, and the two have a falling out. 

Who kidnaps Noah?

During a party, Noah is locked inside an enclosed space owing to a prank and panics. Nick saves her and takes her home. 

He takes care of her, and the two grow close. The two are extremely in love and decide to spend a night together before parting ways. They don’t want to harm their parents’ reputation

They have sex on a beach and then go to a convenience store to buy more protection. Nick goes inside while Noah waits in the car. Unfortunately, this is when Ronnie shows up and kidnaps her. 

Nick is disturbed, and his parents are extremely disappointed. The cops get involved, and it is revealed that Noah’s dad has been released from prison. 

Nick checks the security footage and realizes that Ronnie is responsible. Elsewhere, Noah wakes up from sedation and is shocked to see her dad.

It is revealed that he orchestrated the entire plan with Ronnie when the two met in prison. It was her father who had been sending threatening letters to Noah throughout the film. 

Now, he demands a ransom from William and Rafaella in exchange for Noah. As they wait for him with the money, he doesn’t show up. Rafaella states that he’s doing it to cause them pain and doesn’t care about the money. This is when Nick realizes something important. 

He remembers that the insurance company installed a tracker within his red car, which he had to give away. He uses it and reaches the location. Unfortunately, Noah and her dad escape, and a car chase ensues. 

After an intense few moments, the cop sitting next to Nick in his car shoots Noah’s dad. Rafaella is glad to see her daughter safe, and the family heads home.

That night Nick sneaks into Noah’s room, and the two spend the night together. We then see Rafaella and William in the distance, with the former exclaiming that they need to stop this from happening. 

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