Im Jang-do and Kim Jun-min: Bloodhounds characters explained

In Bloodhounds, Im Jang-do and Kim Jun-min are two important members of Myeong-gil’s firm other than In-beom. Ha Soo-Ho plays Jang-do, while Kim Jun-min is played by Jo Wan-Ki.

Im Jang-do is Smile Capital’s head of strategic planning. Before working for Myeong-gil, Jang-do was pursuing a career as a cop until he got kicked out of the university for sexually harassing a junior cadet.

Jang-do understands exactly how the police work. Having him on the team allows Myeong-gil to avoid any police investigations. Jang-do also takes care of smuggling routes and always has a backup plan ready for Myeong-gil.

Kim Jun-min is the sales director at Smile Capital. He has six priors for fraud. Apparently, Jun-min served at the Seoul Detention Center. Jun-min is more of Myeong-gil’s cleanup guy. He goes out there and buys people’s silence so that Myeong-gil can continue his business.

Both Jang-do and Jun-min don’t seem to like each other that much. Among both of them, Myeong-gil likes to think that Jun-min is the one who will break easily and give away information if he finds himself in a difficult situation, but things go differently.

Who betrays Myeong-gil?

Mr. Choi’s group targets Im Jang-do and Kim Jun-min to weaken Myeong-gil. They cut Jun-min’s throat and kidnap Jang-do. 

Mr. Choi, Hwang Yang-jung, and Lee Du-yeong torture Jang-do. They convince Jang-do that they can blame him for giving the names of all the people Myeong-gil had killed by Jang-do.

Im Jang-do and Kim Jun-min: Bloodhounds characters explained 1
Jun-min and Jang-do learn about Mr. Choi’s group

With that, Myeong-gil won’t think twice about killing Jang-do. After all, Myeong-gil doesn’t empathize with or care about any of his associates.

If Jang-do gives them what they need, Mr. Choi promises to send him somewhere Myeong-gil can never find him. He can restart his life there. Jang-do is then forced to open up and reveal Myeong-gil’s plan because if he sticks to being loyal, he will die anyway.

Do Jang-do and Jun-min die?

After Mr. Choi’s death, Jang-do goes into hiding and stays low for a long time. Gun-woo and Woo-jin come close to catching Myeong-gil. With the help of Gang-yong, they get all of Myeong-gil’s associates arrested.

Myeong-gil, on the other hand, prepares to escape the country with In-beom and Jun-min, who survived the attack by Mr. Choi’s group. Gun-woo and Woo-jin turn to Jang-do for help. Jang-do used to keep a watch on escape routes, and he must know how Myeong-gil plans to escape.

Gun-woo and Woo-jin manage to get in touch with Jang-do, but this time he asks to be paid billions if they want information. Mr. Hong gives the money he asked for, and Jang-do does his part. He gives them the name of the ship Myeong-gil will be boarding and at what time.

Gun-woo and Woo-jin defeat Myeong-gil and recover the wealth he has stolen. While Jang-do survives and receives a chance to restart his life, Kim Jun-min is arrested with In-beom and Myeong-gil by Interpol.

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