Lee Du-yeong and Hwang Yang-jung: Bloodhounds characters explained

In Bloodhounds, Lee Du-yeong and Hwang Yang-jung are the top two lieutenants of Mr. Choi’s five knifers. Ryu Soo-Young plays Lee Du-yeong while Hwang Yang-jung is played by Lee Hae-Young.

Back when Mr. Choi ran his own firm and used to lend money to big corporations, he had employed five knifers for him. Lee Du-yeong and Hwang Yang-jung led these knifers. When it came to tackling companies that had gangs, Mr. Choi sent these knifers.

These knifers used to obliterate an entire gang in a day. Many big gangs used to be afraid of Mr. Choi’s knifers. Myeong-gil was scared of them too. That’s why, after taking care of Mr. Choi, Myeong-gil and In-beom took out the knifers when they were all alone and far from each other.

Unfortunately, Myeong-gil couldn’t take care of Lee Du-yeong and Hwang Yang-jung. Lee Du-yeong is the one who is into motorcycles and is great with sashimi knives. Hwang Yang-jung, on the other hand, is a former Marine who uses two knives. The rumor is that Yang-jung can stab 100 times in a minute.

Du-yeong and Yang-jung join the war

When Hyeon-ju calls Mr. Choi to inform him that they have walked into a trap, Mr. Choi calls Du-yeong and Yang-jung, knowing what Myeong-gil is capable of.

Lee Du-yeong and Hwang Yang-jung: Bloodhounds characters explained 1
Yang-jung offers to help Lee Du-yeong’s wife

Yang-jung goes to rescue Gun-woo’s mother, while Du-yeong reaches out to where Gun-woo and Woo-jin are trapped. However, Du-yeong doesn’t get any action as Gun-woo, Woo-jin, and Hyeon-ju had taken care of Myeong-gil’s goons.

Du-yeong and Yang-jung join this war in hopes of avenging their brothers, who were killed by Myeong-gil. Over time, they train Gun-woo, Woo-jin, and Hyeon-ju before beginning their mission.

Du-yeong and Yang-jung’s deaths

Yang-jung runs a restaurant of his own. He was in touch with Mr. Choi even before Gun-woo, Woo-jin, and Hyeon-ju ran into Myeong-gil’s goons. Meanwhile, Du-yeong, while he was away from Mr. Choi, got married and is now going to be the father of a child.

However, Du-yeong’s dreams don’t come true. Myeong-gil manages to track Du-yeong down. At night, Myeong-gil’s goons attack Du-yeong at his home. Myeong-gil promises to let his pregnant wife go if he tells him Yang-jung’s location.

Du-yeong breaks down and gives Myeong-gil the location. However, Myeong-gil doesn’t keep his promise and kills Du-yeong and his wife. Myeong-gil then faces an anger-driven Yang-jung all alone and manages to kill him too.

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