Jamtara season 2 ending explained: Do Sunny and Gudiya come up with a new scam?

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega season 2 focuses on the home of phishing scammers once again as Gudiya stands in the elections against Brajesh and Sunny comes up with new ways to scam people. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Election time is approaching and Gudiya is standing in the elections against Brajesh with the help of his aunt and politician, Ganga Devi. On Brajesh Bhaan’s side, the money is flowing from the phishing scams and he wants to use the election to launder it.

Rocky is still working with Brajesh but unlike his friends, he wants to get out and slowly distances himself from the entire operation. Sunny is in the hospital after getting shot and has lost the use of one of his legs, becoming physically challenged.

A novice scammer named Rinku comes home to Jamtara from Noida where he begs Brajesh for a job and promises to do anything because he’s desperate. Since the CM of Jharkhand hasn’t given an endorsement yet, Brajesh decides to scam his wife.

Rinku pretends to be a bank employee and scams her for 23 lakhs, which greatly pleases Brajesh. Dolly Sahu and Saurav who are in Ranchi are sent to Jamtara to find out who scammed the CM’s wife while keeping her identity confidential.

A month earlier, Gudiya was in jail as Brajesh had accused her of assaulting him and trying to steal his money. There she meets Ganga Devi who is impressed by her intelligence and decides to use her to bring down Brajesh.

Rocky visits Sunny in the hospital where Sunny is angry with the situation that he’s in but that doesn’t stop him from thinking of new ways to scam people. He does this with the help of two school kids, Abbas and Gopi.

Rinku was a regular paan seller in Noida when he got caught up in a dating app scam because he used his private number for it. He’s being chased by the police which is why he fled to Jamtara.

Sunny uses the popularity of a big gameshow to dupe people by claiming that they’ve been selected in a lucky draw for a grand prize. He gets help from Abbas, Gopi and all their classmates to dupe several people but he doesn’t destroy the sim cards.

Gudiya stages a shooting at one of her rallies to gain sympathy. Brajesh is facing pressure from all sides so he slips the information that the CM’s wife was scammed to the media, which derails Dolly’s investigation.

Sunny and the children take the phones used in their scam and bury them in Brajesh’s backyard. The cybercrime department from Hyderabad arrives with a warrant to search the property and along with finding the phones, they find human bones as well.

Brajesh is struggling and he decides to pay back the CM the money that his wife lost and tells him that it was a mistake. The police pick up Gopi and ask him about the scams he’s been a part of. He tells them that he learnt everything from Sunny.

The police arrest Sunny and Biswa drops Gopi near his house but before he can get there, the boy is killed. The police hold a press conference blaming Gopi for scamming the CM’s wife, much to the annoyance of Dolly and Biswa.

Rocky starts a business on the side and Ponto, Shahbaaz and Baccha join him in this endeavour. Ganga Devi sends some people to attack their shops and Shahbaaz is badly hurt and sent to the hospital. Brajesh has him killed to gain sympathy for his side.

Rinku gets in touch with an old customer named Abhay that he had in Noida who works at a call centre. The call centre is attached to a local bank and Rinku gets Abhay to give him the account details of premium customers so that he can scam them for high amounts.

He becomes Brajesh’s highest earner but he also draws more attention from Dolly and Saurav. They were ordered to return to Ranchi but they stayed back to continue the investigation on the down low.

Rocky has Rinku kidnapped 2 weeks before the election and kept in a safe space to cut off Brajesh’s funding. Sunny finds a technical loophole on an app that becomes the basis of his next scam.

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega season 2 ending explained:

What is Sunny’s big scam?

Sunny finds out that a particular app doesn’t block a card no matter how many times the wrong pin is entered. He concludes that since there are 10000 combinations to try, with the right amount of people they can figure out the pin of any card.

They gather all the school children a day before the election and get a hold of the cards with Brajesh’s money thanks to Ponto and Baccha’s wife. Each person goes through roughly 200 combinations and they find out the pins for 8 different cards.

Sunny, Rocky and Gudiya go to different ATMs and transfer all the money from those accounts into their own.

Who wins the election?

While the children are finding out the pins, Gudiya and Rocky go around to nearby villages for one last round of campaigning and promises all the people to pay them more than what Brajesh has been paying them.

Some of them take a little more convincing but Gudiya succeeds in getting their account numbers and along with some cash, she ensures that they will get paid before it is time to vote.

After stealing all of Brajesh’s money, Gudiya uses it to pay off all the villagers and buy their votes, She ends up winning by a considerable margin as Ganga Devi basks in the glory of her accomplishment.

What happens to Rocky?

Rinku manages to escape his captors and stumbles into a police checkpoint. They take him back to Brajesh’s house where Brajesh uses his phone to call the last number dialled.

When Rocky picks up the phone, Brajesh is enraged and sends his men to pick him up. Rocky and Gudiya are still campaigning when Brajesh’s men show up and they make a run for it but only Gudiya manages to escape while Rocky is captured.

Brajesh places Rocky in front of his friends and Rinku and tells them that it was he who had them kidnapped and stole some of their money. He then hands Rinku a gun and forces him to kill Rocky.

Is Rinku arrested?

Rinku is not able to stomach the fact that he killed someone, so he runs off while everyone is distracted. The money he stole from the CM’s wife lay untouched in his e-wallet and he starts going to different ATMs to take it out.

Saurav is monitoring the activity on the account and as soon as he sees that Rinku is trying to clear it out, he informs Dolly and Biswa and who go after Rinku.

They eventually catch him and a press conference is held the next day to announce that he’s the culprit and not Gopi. They also assure everyone that Rinku will be further investigated to find out who else is involved.

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