Jamie Hawkins’ death in The Night Agent explained

In The Night Agent, when Rose reveals that there is a mole at the White House, the Deputy Director of the FBI, Jamie Hawkins, becomes the first suspect in line, only to be the next person to die.

While Rose and Peter keep the information about an attack and a mole away from everyone, Jamie Hawkins, back at the White House, refrains from telling everyone how far the investigation into Rose’s uncle and aunt’s deaths has come.

The president’s chief of staff, Diane Farr, wonders what Hawkins is hiding from them. She instructs Peter to look into the files of Rose’s uncle and aunt, Henry and Emma Campbell, and see if there is a connection that Hawkins isn’t telling them about.

Hawkins’ connection to the Campbells

Diane Farr gives Peter access to the files of the Campbells, and after going through them, Peter learns that Hawkins was once their FBI handler. He recognizes Hawkins’ signature on some of the reports, and these files go back years.

Everyone gets more suspicious about Hawkins when he goes missing and someone calls off the security on Rose. Apart from Farr and some other officials present at the White House, only Hawkins has the authority to do so, and he is nowhere to be seen.

Jamie Hawkins' death in The Night Agent explained 1
Jamie Hawkins’ signature on Rose’s uncle and aunt’s reports

The White House suspects Hawkins, but Peter and Rose keep an eye on everyone. Later in the show, through a secret hard drive that belongs to Rose’s uncle and aunt, Peter and Rose find out that they were working on the metro bombing.

On top of that, Jamie Hawkins ends up dead. A farmer in Maryland finds his body in the field.

Why was Hawkins killed?

Certainly, the investigation into the metro bombings was rushed and not continued once everyone thought the bomber was the PIF. 

The FBI just stopped looking into the suspects after that. No wonder Rose’s uncle and aunt were secretly working on it.

Since Peter can’t get into the White House to use Hawkins’ computer to figure out what he was up to before dying, he approaches Hawkins’ widow, Cynthia Hawkins. Peter learns that she once worked at the FBI too.

Peter explains to her that maybe Hawkins was a traitor, but there is also a chance that he got close to the truth, and that’s why he was killed. When Peter finally tells the truth about what he is working on, Cynthia comes clean as well.

Cynthia shares that Hawkins did talk to her about his cases. He ran ideas past her and valued her opinion on them. Also, he indeed was working on the metro bombing case for a while.

Jamie Hawkins' death in The Night Agent explained 2
Cynthia Hawkins reveals what her husband was working on

Hawkins picked up an inconsistency in the case and thought that someone interfered with the FBI investigation. The confession from PIF, on the other hand, came out of nowhere, and none of the suspects were connected to Omar Zadar.

Cynthia likes to think that Hawkins found something that pointed straight to a government contractor called Turn Lake Industries. The day Hawkins went missing, he had a meeting with someone from that company. After that, he started acting nervously.

Hawkins’ suspicions later turned out to be true. Peter and Rose figure out that the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, Gordon Wick, and Vice President Ashley Redfield had a hand in the metro bombing.

They got rid of Hawkins and Rose’s uncle and aunt because they got too close to the truth. Diane Farr, the president’s chief of staff, helped them cover up this mess.

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