Jacques Barreto: Zero to Hero character explained

Jacques Baretto is a music producer and antagonist in Zero to Hero. Felipe Folgosi plays the character.

Jacques Baretto is a producer at Partenon Records and is heavily invested in the success of Sandro Sanderlei.

When Sandro goes into a coma, it is Jacques’ idea to keep it a secret and he even fantasizes about profiting from Sandro’s condition in the future.

Sandro’s condition is kept a secret from Hero, and Jacques ensures that Hero signs a confidentiality agreement to keep the entire deal a secret.

A leech for profits

When Hero goes around refusing to drink or party, Jacques is quite annoyed. He doesn’t want Hero to get close to Lulli either.

After the first concert, he has a model go up to Hero and play up for the cameras. He invites Hero to an after party but the invite is gently rejected.

When Jacques finds out that Sandro has woken up, he tries to make a deal with Hero because he considers him a bigger cash cow.

He offers him a 12-year contract which includes the production of 8 albums and is ready to cut Sandro loose despite everything Sandro has achieved till then.

Hero agrees to sign the contract, but he signs it under Sandro’s name without Jacques noticing.

During the final concert, Hero reveals Sandro to the crowd and throws Jacques’ plans into the bin.

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