Zero to Hero (2024) summary and ending explained

Zero to Hero is a romantic comedy about Hero whose life turns around when he is asked to replace his famous doppelganger. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Hero is a rock and roll musician trying to make ends meet while he waits for his big break. By his side is his best friend and drummer, Nelson “Panca”. 

Hero is a follower of rock music, but he is often mistaken for his much more famous doppelganger and country musician, Sandro Sanderlei. 

After going through a tough break-up, Sandro drowns his sorrows in alcohol the night before he’s supposed to undergo surgery. 

He goes into a coma and his manager, Agnaldo, and producer Jacques, decide to keep things quiet. 

Meanwhile, Panca contacts his uncle Genival and gets them a gig playing during a prom. Hero is forced to play mellow music that he is not a fan of. 

He mistakenly gets drunk and makes a mess of the stage by the end of the performance. However, when Nelsen’s uncle sees Hero’s face, an idea strikes him.

He calls Agnaldo and introduces him to Hero. Agnaldo is overjoyed and offers Hero the chance to tour the country as Sandro and live a life of fame.

After some initial resistance, Panca convinces Hero to agree to the deal.

Hero wants Panca to play alongside him as part of the deal, and Agnaldo also promises to produce Hero’s record after the deal is over.

Hero gets a makeover so that he looks more like Sandro, and then heads out to the countryside to perform a small concert and shoot a music video.

He is introduced to Mayor Bento, his wife Matilde, and Bento’s daughter Lulli. Lulli hates Sandro because they were in a relationship when they were younger that ended badly.

Hero feels some attraction to Lulli and wishes to win her over. Jacques has different plans and wants him to maintain Sandro’s playboy persona complete with his alcoholism.

The concert is a huge success but Hero surprises everyone with his kinder demeanor. They head deeper into the country to shoot the music video but their model doesn’t show up.

They ask Lulli to star in it and Hero places a bet with her to convince her. He asks her to give him any song to perform and he can do it, she has to star in the video.

She picks a popular rock song, but unbeknownst to her, it is his bread and butter. He performs the song with a country twist and wins her over.

They grow closer during the shooting of the video before they stop because of the rain. Hero is supposed to get back to the city for his media engagements before the next concert.

They are stranded because of the weather but Hero asks Lulli is she’s willing to guide them on horseback to civilization.

Meanwhile, Hero and Panca argue because Hero let the facade get to his head and he started treating Panca like an employee.

Ending explained:

To mend a broken heart

As they travel back to the city, Lulli begins warming up to Hero. He finds out earlier that Sandro cheated on her with her best friend, which is why she hates him.

Hero is a different person and Lulli can feel that, but she isn’t sure about falling for him yet again.

They end up kissing each other but Hero stops himself because he cannot tell her the truth.

They finally get back to the city limits and Lulli gets an update on her phone. It’s a picture of Hero kissing a model which was orchestrated by Jacques.

Grabbing the opportunity

Lulli tells Hero to go by himself and he arrives at the hotel completely heartbroken. He apologizes to Panca and mends fences with him.

The real Sandro wakes up from his coma, but Jacques wants to sign Hero as a client and propel his career instead.

Agnaldo tells Hero not to sign with Jacques but Hero says he’s taking this chance. He surprises everyone when he admits that he signed the contract as Sandro, which makes the contract useless.

He then says that he has a plan to bring Sandro back into the fold and win Lulli back.

Chasing after his heart

Hero sends an invite to Lulli and her family and has Sandro brought to the concert venue as well.

He goes out and performs a brand-new love song that he wrote for Lulli and then tells the crowd that Sandro has gotten ill but has now recovered.

Sandro walks out as the two doppelgangers stand before the cheering crowd. Sandro continues the concert while Hero rushes to find Lulli.

The two link up backstage and Lulli is thrilled that the man she fell in love with was not the man who cheated on her.

They head back to her farm as lovers united by music.

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