Jack Menna: Choose Love character explained

Jack Menna is a teacher who was in Cami’s past and makes a return to her life all these years later. Jordi Webber plays the role of Jack.

Jack Menna was Cami’s first love but they split up when he moved to Guatemala to pursue some humanitarian efforts. She sees him once again when she drops off her niece at her school.

He immediately recognizes her and asks her out to lunch. At lunch, he talks about his travels and how he ended up working with children.

He also invites her to a gallery show that will be selling his photographs for charity.

You never forget your first

At the show, Jack and Cami talk about his experiences with the children in his photographs and then ask Cami if she’d like to go to a protest with him over the weekend in Las Vegas.

After getting the chance to buy one of his photographs, Jack tells Cami that he still has feelings for her that never went away. You can decide whether Cami confesses to feeling something as well or keeps it quiet.

Jack Menna: Choose Love character explained 1
Jack Menna was the one who got away

After choosing Jack in the dream sequence, she and him drive to Las Vegas as they bring up memories from when they dated the first time. In Vegas, Cami runs into Rex, and Paul, giving her a chance to go with either of them.

However, if she doesn’t, she ends up choosing Jack to spend the rest of her life with.

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