Isaac’s self-discovery in Heartstopper season 2 explained

The second season of Heartstopper sees Isaac, played by Tobie Donovan, questioning his feelings for James and discovering his sexual orientation.

Isaac is Charlie and Nick’s friend and is always seen with a book in his hands. Isaac does not interact much with others; even his teachers complain about him not participating in class. He clearly prefers books to humans. Isaac’s idea of a dream date also involves going to the bookstore.

In the second season, Isaac starts getting along with James, a classmate who is openly gay. It is evident that James likes him. He even brings Isaac out of his shell. Spending time with James makes Isaac question a lot of things about himself.

To be different from everyone else

Isaac sees his friends get into relationships and fall in love, but Isaac is always alone. Eventually, he grows close to James and starts wondering if he likes James or not. He even asks Charlie about realizing his feelings for Nick.

In Paris, Isaac goes to Tara’s birthday party, only to realize that he does not fit in. He is surrounded by couples, and he knows that he is not like them. He leaves the party, and James finds him. James confesses that he has a crush on Isaac and kisses him.

Heartstopper 2 Isaac
James tells Isaac about his crush

However, Isaac, who is still figuring out his feelings, does not react the way James had expected. Isaac apologizes to James and goes back to the party, leaving James confused and upset.

After leaving James, Isaac cries. He then plays a game of truth or dare with his friends and classmates. Isaac, who has never even had a celebrity crush, is once again reminded of how he is different from everyone else.

Later, once they return to England, Isaac meets James to explain himself. He admits that he does not know what it feels like to love someone. He has read about love, but he has never felt it.

He started thinking that he might like James romantically, but when they kissed, Isaac did not feel anything. This makes Isaac believe that there is something wrong with him. James reassures him and tells him that he has just not met the right person, but this does not comfort Isaac.

Embracing his sexuality

At the Lambert School’s ‘Here and Queer’ exhibition, an art piece draws Isaac’s attention. The student who created it tells Isaac that the piece is about her experience of being aromantic and asexual in a world where romance and sex are prized above everything else.

Heartstopper 2 Isaac
The artist talks about her inspiration

The artist further talks to him about growing up knowing that something about her was different but not having the words to describe it and then finally freeing herself from the pressures and expectations. Her explanation makes Isaac relate to her and smile. It seems to put Isaac’s worries to rest.

Finally, Isaac goes to the prom with his friends, without a date. He goes to the library, finds a book on asexuality, and wonders if he should read it. He decides to take the book with him, which is his first step toward embracing his sexuality.

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