Darcy’s secret in Heartstopper season 2 explained

In Heartstopper season 2, Darcy has a hard time confessing her love for Tara, as she has been hiding a huge part of her life from her friends as well as her girlfriend.

Tara and Darcy have been together since season 1. In this season, when Tara accidentally blurts out that she loves Darcy, it makes things awkward between them. Darcy does not say it back, and the two of them dismiss it for the time being.

Later, Tara tries to talk to Darcy about it, but Darcy refuses to talk about her feelings. She either acts like she does not remember the incident or steers their conversation to something funny, and Tara lets it go every time.

It bothers Tara that Darcy is not opening up to her. She knows that Darcy is hiding something, as she has never introduced Tara to her parents or taken her to her house. Tara does know how to get someone to open up when they do not want to, and that is why she does not push it.

The other side of Darcy’s life

Darcy reciprocates Tara’s feelings and tries to be a good girlfriend to her. At Tara’s birthday party, she gets drunk and admits that she loves her. However, she does not do that usually because she is hiding something from all her friends.

At school, Darcy seems to be very confident about being a lesbian, but she is not the same at home. Her parents still do not know about her sexuality, and Darcy believes that she will never be able to come out to them.

Darcy’s mother is a controlling woman who makes her hate herself. She does not seem to care about Darcy or her feelings. At home, Darcy is not provided with an environment where she can be herself.

A night before the prom, Darcy’s mother sees her in a suit and argues with her, as she does not want Darcy to wear that to the school prom. As a result, Darcy storms out of her house and stays out the whole night, which does not concern her mother at all.

Heartstopper 2 Darcy’s secret
Darcy’s mother screams at her when Darcy insists on wearing a suit

Darcy never shows her girlfriend this side of her life. She tries to be strong and confident for Tara to be able to help her through her journey of self-acceptance. However, she starts doubting if the person that Tara has come to love even exists, so she refrains from voicing her own feelings.

Even after meeting Darcy’s mother and finding out Darcy’s secret, Tara still loves her. Darcy tries very hard to be perfect for her, but Tara knows that nobody can be perfect, so her feelings for Darcy do not change in any way.

Now that Tara knows everything, Darcy can truly believe that Tara loves her and is able to express her own feelings. The two of them confess their love for each other and dance the way they were supposed to do at the prom.

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