Is Dimple dead in Mob Psycho 100 season 3?

Mob Psycho 100 recently bid a heavy-on-the-heart farewell to Dimple, as he departs the screen following one last act of sheer bravery and friendship. But is it really the end of the line for the beloved character?

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Following the climax of his antagonist arc, Dimple has come a long way from his world-dominating ways and developed into an integral character in Mob Psycho 100.

One major part of his character development has been his friendship with Shigeo, the boy who defeated him and put an end to his sinister plans once.

Even though he lends mostly to the comic relief moments in the story, Dimple isn’t a one-dimensional character; he’s capable of much more than being the butt of a joke or assuming funny shapes and delivering hilarious expressions.

That’s why his shocking and ambiguous fate at the end of Mob Psycho 100 season 3 episode 6 feels that much more heart-wrenching.

Dimple’s “God” spiel and the reconciliation of two friends

The first cinders of Dimple’s reawakened desire to rule all got alive when Mob was in his popularity-delusion arc. Amidst all his misconceptions about his popularity, Mob paid no heed to Dimple’s desires, his goofy new plans, even if they were stupid.

And that’s the thing about the dorky little green spirit — he’s never really had any friends. He confesses as much after his fight with Shigeo, admitting all he’s ever wanted was a friend.

He got that friend in Mob, who also eventually realises why Dimple has been acting up again, trying to emulate back his previous evil persona.

It dawns on Mob that all this God Dimple stuff is just the spirit’s attempt at getting his friend to be a part of his dream. He realises his mistake in overlooking the important things and ignoring Dimple.

Mob rids himself of all his psychic powers and lends an ear to Dimple, who’s disarmed by Mob’s accepting hand he puts forward, as he finally admits he enjoys his company and friendship.

A new foe approacheth

However, shortly after Dimple and Mob reconcile and head home together, the story takes a sharp left to another shocker. The broccoli tree, as it turns out, had become sentient and it wants Shigeo back for a sustained supply of nutrition.

As Shigeo has depleted all his powers, it’s up to Dimple to contend with the new enemy, and he puts up a great fight. He hypnotizes Mob and sends him home while finishing off the enemy and carrying the Broccoli Tree to the ocean with the last of his energy.

Dimple Mob Psycho 100 season 3
Image source: Netflix

Even though Mob doesn’t remember what exactly transpired the last night as he and his brother watch the news broadcast of the tree flying through the sky, he has remnants of the gratitude and sadness he feels for his friend.

Is Dimple really gone?

Dimple’s departure in Mob Psycho 100 season 3 episode 6 seems to be pretty conclusive. With no final words exchanged between him and Mob while the latter is aware, the fate of the beloved green spirit is left ambiguous by the end of the episode.

Dimple ends his arc with heroism, alleviating his hypnosis from everyone’s minds and having Mob and others reach home safely. Furthermore, he carries the Broccoli Tree and soars to the sky with it, taking it away to the ocean as Mob had planned.

While his departure from the anime seems definite, Dimple still lives in the manga, having returned quite some time after the events of the Psycho Helmet Cult arc. He returns, to save Mob for a second time, only to even later return again, and tag along with Mob on adventures aplenty.

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