Inside Job season 2 ending explained: Who are the Robes?

Inside Job season 2 sees Reagan and her batch of Deep State misfits embark on a series of new adventures while Rand takes over Cognito Inc., hell-bent on running it to the ground with his new authoritarian shenanigans.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Rand has taken over Cognito Inc., and Reagan is frustrated out of her mind. However, her annoyance and concern for the change in the regime aren’t shared by all. They are indifferent to whoever the new white guy dictator is running the shop.

Not Reagan, though, she can’t stay put and tolerate her amoral father ripping apart the company for getting back together with his ex-wife. Later, at the Burning Man-style gathering of secret societies

Ron Staedtler, the memory-erasing guy working for the Illuminati, clashes with Reagan while both of them are trying to get revenge on their bosses. They eventually realize they share similar goals and reconcile, which quickly escalates into a steamy hookup.

The two start dating and having steamy sessions inside closets, hiding away from their respective companies that are cut-throat rivals of each other.

Meanwhile, new adventures and shenanigans ensue. The crew attends Magic NYC’s class reunion and Tamiko gets into a new relationship with Keanu Reeves, who turns out to be a part of the Hollywood A-lister vampire club.

The affair eventually ends shortly after Keanu’s identity is revealed. Meanwhile, Rand sends Reagan on a mission to the Vatican, where she must turn the new woke Pope into an extremely religious, fear-mongering puppet.

She takes Ron on the mission, as their vacation getaway but it all turns into a nightmare when the mission goes awry. In the end, Reagan tells Ron how she wanted to ask him out on a date but also know if he’d be okay dating her or not.

Ron admits he couldn’t ask her on a date because he didn’t deem himself worthy enough. The two kiss and resolve the crisis, starting their new relationship amid all the chaos and unfavourable circumstances.

As Ron crosses his threshold for tolerating and living with the immoral workings of all these secret societies, Reagan finally decides to introduce him to his crew and also convince him to jump ship and join Cognito Inc.

However, that also goes wrong and Ron is incredibly distressed seeing how vile and diabolical Cognito Inc. is as a company as well. He goes away, telling Reagan that he needs time to think.

Meanwhile, Rand’s desperate attempts to get back together with Tamiko result in various disasters at Cognito Inc., and the Robes take notice.

Later on, a reality-altering machine he developed with J.R. starts emanating waves of anomaly that alter reality, causing chaos and threatening the existence of the whole universe.

Thankfully, Reagan and the crew arrive and help avert the mega-crisis, with Reagan sharing a tender moment with her father and convincing him to give himself up and spend some time in the Robes’ prison.

Meanwhile, the Robes invite Reagan to their place and offer her a place at their table. However, she’s also been recently asked by Ron to think it all over and accompany him to a remote place where they spend their lives together in bliss.

Reagan has to make a difficult and heartbreaking decision as duty calls and she realizes she can’t be detached from her work. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to her, the Robes are brewing something really big and sinister for the future of Inside Job.

Inside Job season 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens to Rand?

Rand acquires control over Cognito Inc. at the start of Inside Job season 2, instantly throwing the crap at the fan himself, getting everything riled up and establishing quite clearly that he’s going to do whatever his whims direct him to.

One main focus that Rand is concerned with this season, though, is to get back together with his ex-wife Tamiko.

He even gets his puppet elected as the US president to launch a new scheme under which people are obligated by law to meet their exes for short visits.

However, all of his efforts come crumbling down and Tamiko ditches him. Additionally, the Robes wish to prosecute him for his unruly and highly dysfunctional running of the company.

The Robes don’t scare Rand, since he’s stricken by the guilt and regrets about his family he could never be with. He doesn’t have the loving family he had once, with both his daughter and wife now hating him.

So he turns to the last resort he had saved all these years, in case the Robes turn on him and he has to use this trump card against them.

It’s the Project Reboot, a machine that can alter reality; when it’s switched on, the emanating wave can change the timeline to a different one.

He keeps hitting the button, causing the reality to alter again and again until he gets both his daughter and his ex-wife back in his life.

Reagan and her team join hands and avert the crisis, however, stopping the machine from continuously changing the fabric of reality.

Reagan goes to confront her father with anger, as she’s been trying to get her revenge on him ever since he took over the company. However, seeing the decrepit state in which her father laments his decisions and longs for a happy version of reality melts Reagan’s heart.

Instead of going all berserk on her father, Reagan convinces him to go in front of the Robes for sentencing, telling him that Shadow Prison X might be the thing he needs to save him from himself.

Rand agrees and both he and J.R. get sentenced to the Shadow Prison X. Inside Job season 2 episode 8 shows the two sharing the same jail cell where they now frequently brawl with each other.

Do Ron and Reagan get together?

Sadly, Ron and Reagan don’t get to spend their lives together, happily ever after. Ron has always wanted an out from his life and profession at the Illuminati, where all the memories of others he has erased, live with him.

He can’t go on about his life knowing the immoral cost that it comes with. Ron wants out from the shadowy life working for a shadow government and seeks to lead a regular, happy, and loving life in Appleton, with Reagan.

He reveals to Reagan how he wants to elope with her and live a life without the secret society stuff and the debauchery of morals that it comes with. He asks her to think about it and Reagan does think about it.

After the Project Reboot fiasco with her father, Reagan watches simulations of all the realities where she “has it all.” In none of those realities does she get a happy ever after with Ron. All except one, where they seem to be happy.

However, at the end of Inside Job season 2, it’s revealed that this reality simulation didn’t have her living a happy life with Ron, but with another woman. This was the only reality where Ron is happy, and that’s only possible without Reagan.

She goes to the remote house in Appleton with Ron, burns her fingerprints along with him, ready to begin a new life. However, it’s eventually revealed that she doesn’t plan to do that at all.

After Ron uses the memory-wiping gun on himself, Reagan doesn’t remind him of their relationship during the period of suggestibility that follows it.

She bids him a tearful farewell while Ron remains quasi-conscious, having all his painful memories wiped clean off his brain.

Reagan, meanwhile, goes back to work at Cognito. And as season 2 comes to a close, she also takes the Robes up on their offer.

Who are the Robes?

Inside Job season 2 ends with the shadowy, highest-echelon guys presiding over Cognito Inc. revealing their origins to Reagan.

They tell her that their story began at the dawn of history when some of the intelligent earliest humans realized that the other cavemen couldn’t survive without their intervention and that they needed to be protected from themselves.

When the humans wouldn’t listen to reason, the intelligent humans surmised that they would, to a higher power.

And thus the ‘Order of the Black Robes’ was born, and they have been operating from the shadows ever since, with them and their descendants keeping watch over all human history.

As to their real identity, both Reagan nor the viewers get to see what’s under the robe. Several signs point towards them being extra-terrestrial but nothing concrete can be claimed about their real identities at the moment.

What do the Robes want?

The Robes, going by what they tell Reagan, want her to be their partner and have a seat at the table with them. This would entail her knowing all the information that they have access to, with no more secrets being kept from her.

Reagan doesn’t think any human is fit to govern all humanity but she believes a perfect algorithm can do that, and she gets the green light from the Robes to start working on the algorithm.

Unbeknownst to her, the Robes are up to something sinister that has been in the making for the last 100,000 years, as they hint at that specific number early on in the last episode when talking about how Rand’s Project Reboot could’ve ruined it all.

Inside Job season 2 ends with the Robes gleefully discussing the commencement of something they call “Project X37.” As to what exactly this title means, or what it entails, is left unexplained at the end.

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