Intrusion summary and ending explained

Netflix’s Frieda Pinto starrer ‘Intrusion’, is a thriller following a couple who move into their dream house and experience a break-in.


‘Intrusion’ starts with the wife and husband, Meera and Henry, moving into the house they always wished for. Two months into their new home, they encounter a break-in. 

In a shocking turn of events, Meera starts to question everything she knows about her husband. Especially when secrets unravel and rattle not only their relationship but also Meera’s faith in him.

Things soon get complicated after the intrusion is done by a group of men from the Cobbs family. Nothing is as it seems when the kidnapping case of Christine Cobbs gets tangled up with their home invasion case.

Everything leads back to the night of the home invasion when she found that Henry hid a gun and kept it a secret from her. One secret leads to another and soon it becomes a testament to their twelve-year relationship. Will they be able to work these hurdles together?

Here is the ending explained of ‘Intrusion’ explained in detail:

Henry’s connection

After much snooping around in suspicion via Henry’s GPS, Meera confronts him and demands an explanation for why his letter was at Dylan’s place and why was he at Dylan’s place the day before.

Henry reveals that they did not have much money to make the house they are living in right now, so he did not have enough to pay the Union workers.

Hence, he hired Dylan Cobbs off the book to save him money and still go according to his plan. But soon Dylan started to blackmail Henry. And when he stopped sending Dylan payments, he broke into the house.

After this revelation, Meera suggests having the housewarming party to brighten things up again.

Housewarming party

Meera had ordered a new video camera, to watch the video in the camera she took from Dylan’s mailbox. But she believes Henry’s story so she tries to give it away to her secretary who refuses, forcing her to takes it home.

During the party, a news announcement breaks out that the man who ambushed her at Dylan’s trailer park was arrested for animal cruelty and had been a ‘person of interest’ in the disappearance of Christine Cobbs. 

With reignited curiosity, Meera watches Dylan’s video on her new camera which claims that Henry made advances on Christine and that he was sure Henry had something to do with her disappearance. Dylan also mentions that the dogs ‘went crazy’ in his office.

The office

Hence, Meera enters his office and opens the safe for the blueprints, only to discover a secret room holding a chained Christine. Meera tries to free Christine but is intercepted by Henry. After tying up Meera, he returns to the party to disperse the guests.

Together, Christine and Meera manage to break free and try to escape but are stopped by Henry who knocks Meera out. He drags Christine back to the basement by her head and is close to swinging the baseball bat at her when Meera hits Henry’s head with a figurine of Big Ben.

The very same figurine that Henry had given her on their first date. With his dying breath, Henry asks Meera who will take care of her now. She replies “I will,” and takes Christine out of the house. 

‘Intrusion’ ends with Meera selling the house and driving off into the sunset with her belongings to start a new life.

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