Inside Edge season 3 summary and ending explained

Prime Video’s Inside Edge Season 3 focuses on the consequences when the whole mesh of spot-fixing and illegal betting linked to team Mumbai Mavericks comes into notice. The season resumes with another series of evil betrayals, power lust and vicious plots as Vikrant and Zarina both unite to crush Bhaisaab.


The last season ended with Bhaisaab a.k.a Yashvardhan Patil (Aamir Bashir) framing Mantra Patil (Sapna Pabbi), his own daughter and Zarina Malik (Richa Chadha), the major stakeholders of the Mumbai Mavericks team in the betting scandal to defend his position as President of ICB and his strong foothold over Indian cricket.

After being bailed out, Zarina Malik is seen in a private meeting with the Home Minister, Faisal Hussain (Shubrajyoti Bharat), and Vikrant Dhawan (Vivek Oberoi) with a motive to take down Bhaisaab.

The hostility between Vikrant and Zarina is obvious but now they have a common enemy. She is approached by both Bhaisaab and Vikrant with worthy proposals to take their side. She decides to work alongside Vikrant as she is promised the position of the President of the ICB. The Roy Commission, headed by Judge Roy (Dalip Tahil) is set up to investigate the fixing scandal. Zarina on her deposition day calls out Bhaisaab as the mastermind and submits all the evidence related to the event.

Mantra is visited by Bhaisaab in prison, who requests her to put the blame on Zarina. Mantra, being the honest person she is doesn’t comply. She is eventually bailed out and halts any form of interaction with her father. Bhaisaab approaches Vayu Raghavan (Tanuj Virwani), Mantra’s boyfriend who could influence her decision.

He promises Vayu the captaincy of the Indian cricket team. Mantra states in the court that neither she nor her father were involved in this crime. Bhaisaab keeps his promise to Vayu. Rohit (Akshay Oberoi), the former captain is forced to step down after an unfortunate loss in the Wadia Cup.

The Roy Commission takes individual statements from the whole team of Mumbai Mavericks and the ICB. Devender Mishra (Amit Sial) confessed in front of the court to have taken bribes and indulged in match-fixing.

He is banned from playing cricket and Roy Commission’s judgement also includes the reform that no individual above the age of seventy could hold the position of ICB President. Mantra and Zarina are set free. The India-Pakistan Test Series is approaching and the players are getting ready for a memorable season.

If you still have doubts about what transpires from here on in the series, here’s a full breakdown.

Inside Edge season 3 ending explained:

Vikrant’s fury

The story kicks off with Vikrant’s ailing father introducing him to Bhaisahaab, his stepbrother who would be his guardian after his death. Instances from Vikrant’s teenage expose him as an aggressive young lad who is jealous of his stepbrother and angered by his father. Vikrant is seen as a persistent molester and a drug addict in his teen years.

Later, we see an excited Vikrant presenting the whole setup of the Power Play League on which he has worked hard for years. But the whole credit is taken away by Bhaisaab at the conference on the pretext of attracting investors. The betrayal and enmity ensue between Vikrant and Bhaisaab after the above incidents and what follows in the first and second seasons.

After Bhaisaab’s name is involved in the spot-fixing incident which is under investigation, his actions are under scrutiny. The members of the ICB advise having a fair bidding system in the allocation of broadcasting rights of the forthcoming India-Pakistan Test series to monitor Bhaisaab’s undue interference as he is a major stakeholder at Tiger Sports Channel run by Rajeshwar (Sushil Pandey), which has been receiving broadcasting rights every year. After the recent implementation, he has to discreetly pull a string.

Bhaisaab stages an exquisite play by calling in major channels individually and ensuring them his support. Vikrant exposes the dirty trick to Sportel Network and asks them to bid higher than what they were asked by Bhaisaab. While Sportel Network wins the bidding after Vikrant’s counsel, they eventually lose the deal after a foul-play comes under notice.

The third highest bidder, Kruger Sports is given the deal. Soon after, it is informed by a South African Bank that its several accounts were hacked including the particular accounts that dealt with illegal betting under Mantra Malik’s name.

Vikrant hires a hacker to find the link between these incidents. The link exposes that the owner of Kruger Sports is a hidden board member of the above South African bank and he also happens to be the son-in-law of the current South African President who has a good friendship with Bhaisaab. After the media exposes the whole story, there is massive chaos.

With the implementation of the Roy Commission’s verdict, Bhaisaab is forced to step down from his position and appoints Ayesha Dewan as the Chairman of the Mumbai Cricket Board and supports her as a contender in the fresh elections for the Board President to regain his control. However, Zarina, supported by Vikrant becomes the first women ICB President. Bhaisaab brutally looses against Vikrant, unable to win majority votes.

After another loss, Bhaisaab looks forward to winning the betting license but Vikrant strikes at him again by settling the deal with the Sports Minister before him. He realises the void and temptation of the betting world that has separated him from his daughter and he reaches out to Mantra, but the latter disgraces his actions.

Bhaisaab calls Vikrant and apologises. He surrenders to Vikrant and talks about his desire that he doesn’t want to lose his family. Vikrant is emotional at this heartfelt apology and the two unite. But, Vikrant’s wife, Sudha Dhawan (Himanshi Choudhary) is disappointed at the union and has already planned a drastic move.

Devender Mishra (Amit Sial) reaches out to Rajeshwar to know more about Vijay Subramaniam as requested by Rohini and Vayu. Rajeshwar asks him a favour to kill Bhaisaab in exchange for information. Devender is forced to kill Bhaisaab by Sudha as he comes out after having dinner at Vikrant’s house. Vikrant is deeply saddened to have lost his brother.

Rohini and Vayu’s past

Rohini comes to Pansare’s (Rohini and Vayu’s guardian) house. Earlier, Rohini received a key from Pansare after his death and she used it to open a trunk in Pansare’s house. The affidavit documents of her and Vayu show that their earlier surname had been Subramaniam before being changed to Raghavan. She also comes across a film reel composed of newspaper cut-outs related to a famous cricketer, Vijay Subramaniam.

Vijay Subramaniam was a sensational cricketer in his time but soon his name got involved in a match-fixing scandal. He was arrested when the police found a hefty sum of cash in his locker after India lost a match and the loss of his wicket was a significant event. He was later out on bail but soon died in a plane crash while travelling to a press conference called by him in Delhi. His wife and lawyer also lost their lives in the incident. He left behind his 3-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter.

After gaining enough evidence, Rohini informs Vayu, who has recently become the captain of the Indian cricket team. He gets frustrated on hearing about his father’s misdeeds and asks Rohini to keep shut about it because this news can completely destroy what they have worked so hard to achieve.

Vayu and Rohit’s enmity on-field is prominent during the matches of the test series. The team is divided into groups in either’s favour. Rohini keeps looking for clues and talks to Coach Azeem Khan (Ankur Vikal), a former teammate of Vijay. Azeem just blurts the same news as media outlets.

During a match, Rohini noticed Azeem conspiring with a new player in the changing room and strongly suspected his participation in spot-fixing. Rohini and Vayu plan to follow his conversations through spy audio recorders but don’t get much.

Rohini tries taking help from a reporter, but, he goes on to expose Vayu and Rohini’s identity to the media after checking old audio tapes from Vijay’s interviews. Vayu faces massive outrage from the audience and media personnel due to his connection to the infamous cricketer.

Devender gives Rohini the video recording of Rajeshwar that talks about the whole incident dedicated to her father, Vijay. He was held at gunpoint to surrender to the demands of a man named Hammad. When Vijay didn’t comply with their instructions, they put a huge amount of money in Vijay’s locker to frame him. Vijay was later killed by Hammad in a planned plane crash.

Rohini and Vayu plan something extreme to trap Azeem. Rohini ensures Azeem that Vayu wants to participate in illegal betting. Azeem is convinced and calls Hammad (Shrikant Yadav), the real mastermind in the business of betting.

Hammad places a bet on Vayu’s move as stated by Rohini that Vayu would intentionally lose his wicket between the score of 95 and 99. Azeem is arrested after Rohini sends the audio recording. The police also receive additional details about Hammad’s participation in Bhaisaab’s murder.

However, not all goes well as Vayu unintentionally loses his wicket while in 99 which is pointed out by Azeem to the investigators. Vayu is arrested as India wins after a historic run-chase defeating Pakistan.

Zarina takes charge

Mantra decides upon taking a strong move to end all forms of corruption in cricket by writing a petition to legalise betting in India as in England. She takes Vayu’s help to arrange the best lawyer and media activist to put in the petition and works hard.

Zarina finds out soon that she is a puppet in Vikrant’s hands who forces her to take big decisions according to his wishes. She is frustrated as even after being seated in the position, no one bows down to her authority. Some former instances of her childhood show how she has struggled to get this position and how her mother always told her to never show weakness.

Zarina meets Mr Handa and tries retrieving information about Niranjan Suri’s murder case to take down Vikrant. The whole case was closed by Bhaisaab and Vikrant was not sentenced. Handa advises Zarina that the Home Minister might have details and evidence.

Vikrant recently betrayed the Home Minister to win the betting license and this becomes a wonderful opportunity for Zarina. The Home Minister gives all the evidence and statements regarding the case to Zarina as she promises to help him if he chose to run for the position of Prime Minister.

After Bhaisaab’s death, Zarina informs Mantra that Bhaisaab was killed by none other than Vikrant himself to which Mantra initially disagrees. She ensures Mantra and gives her the evidence of Niranjan Suri’s case to take down Vikrant.

Vikrant helps Sudha flee from the country and stays back to get arrested. Zarina suggests to the Prime Minister to give away the betting license to Mantra instead of a criminal like Vikrant Dhawan.

Sudha unites with Hammad in a foreign country and becomes aware that their betting license has been revoked while Mantra receives a call.

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