Bob Biswas summary and ending explained

This ZEE5 original crime-drama movie follows a contract killer on a quest to recall his past. The film is a spin-off to 2012’s Vidya Ballan starrer, Kahaani.

The movie begins with a man, Ustaad, trying to convince the investor to invest in a new drug in the market called ‘Blue’. The investor, Rahul Khanna, is not quite convinced, so he takes him into a shady alley to prove how popular the drug is.

We see Bupai, a drug supplier who is approached by a teenage kid for Blue. The kid doesn’t have enough money on him, so he offers to do whatever Bupai asks him to do. Bupai tells him to slap an old man walking down the road. The kid hesitates, but then goes ahead and slaps the old guy.

Rahul, noticing the scenario, looks convinced and the dealer exclaims ‘Blue ke lie yeh bacche kucch bhi kar sakte hain’, proving the popularity of the drug.

The next scene switches to Bob Biswas talking to a doctor. The doctor asks him questions, and he responds by saying that he doesn’t even know his name. He assumes his name is Bob because everyone calls him by that.

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The doctor informs him that he had been in a coma for 8 years because of an accident, and is experiencing memory loss.

After getting a discharge, he, along with his wife, go to the church where we see the priest telling him to start visiting him on regular basis once again, just like he did with David.

At this point, Bob has no idea who David is. He has no memory of his work, his family, or his friends.

He is married to Mary and has two kids, Benny and Mini. He is doing his best to remember his past life and cope, and Mary helps him by giving him all the love and support.

Bob gradually develops a camaraderie with Benny and Mini. He discovers that Mini is his stepdaughter and that David was Mary’s ex-husband. After David died in an accident, Bob married her.

All the people try to make him remember his past, but he gets no progress. Mary takes him out when she travels to the office. Bob comes across a man named Dhonu, a roadside food seller. He later comes to know through Dhonu that his stall was set up by the donation he made, and Dhonu is very grateful to him.

The same day, he is pursued by two sleazy IB officials who want him to revert to his previous profession of killing people, as Bob tries to discover who he was before his coma. They show him photos of his past targets, but Bob denies the allegations.

The officials provide him with a phone and ask him to keep it with him since they’ll be sending the photos of the targets on that phone. Confused, Bob goes back home.

Mini is stressed about her medical entrance exams and is not able to focus for long periods. Her friend suggests she tries Blue, which makes one concentrate for long hours.

Initially, she denies it but later keeps the packet in her bag and heads home. Experiencing a block, she consumes it and studies for 24 hours straight.

While she studies, Bob comes to know that their singer-neighbor often causes disturbances because of his loud singing, because of which Mini is constantly irritated. He tries to talk to him and politely asks him to close his windows while singing, but the neighbor responds rudely and refuses to budge.

The next day, he visits Dhonu’s stall, and the latter notices him stress-eating. He asks him to go to Kali Da for the solution. Following the address, Bob comes to Kali Da, who runs a pharmacy. He asks for help, and Kali Da gives him a packet, claiming it to be medicine.

When he opens the packet, he notices that it’s actually a gun. He goes to the terrace and, surprisingly enough, is able to assemble the gun. Holding it in his hand, he looks down and sees his neighbor giving him a smirk and singing loudly to irritate Mini.

Out of rage, he shoots the neighbor in the head. Even though he is shocked, he quickly tries to dispose off the body by dragging it along the road. Just then, he notices the same IB official, who tells him to go back home and the body will be disposed off by him.

The IB officials now know that Bob is ready for business, and give him his first target. It’s a picture of Bupai.

Meanwhile, Mini runs out of drugs. She is addicted to it and asks her friend to get her some. He takes her to a place called ‘Paris Bar’, the same place where Bupai supplies Blue. She procures the drugs, and notices another teen (the same as the one in the beginning) is panicking and asking for drugs.

Bupai tells her not to worry and leave. As she leaves, we see Bupai being pissed off at the teen and stuffing his face with the drugs. The teen runs away.

After a while, Bob approaches Bupai, and shoots him. Bupai’s guys run after him but he shoots them too. Turning into a corner, he sees Mini, and both of them ask each other why they are in this part of town. While Mini owes it to group studying, Bob tells her he is here to see a client from his new insurance job.

Bupai’s master, Ustaad, comes to know of his murder. We come to know that Dhonu is a part of his gang when he is assigned the task of finding out Bupai’s killer. Dhonu visits the laboratory and looks into Bupai’s documents. He takes out the photo of the bullets that were used.

When Ustaad sees the photo, he asks Dhonu to find who used that type of gun and report back to him.

Bob Biswas: ending explained in detail


For Bob, what follows is a series of killings. However, after killing his latest target Rahul Khanna at a familiar location, he gets flashes from his past life. He remembers being friends with David and being in love with his wife, Mary. He got so obsessed with Mary that he went ahead and killed him.

When Bob snaps back to reality, he feels extremely guilty. He looks over to his wife and realizes how wrong he had been.

The next day, we see Inspector Indira investigating the case of Bupai’s murder and the web of Blue, after getting to know about the death of a teen because of Blue’s overdose.

She comes to know Mini through Paris Bar’s CCTV footage and asks her questions. Mini denies all allegations but mentions going home with Bob that same night.

In the meantime, during a conversation with his wife, Bob notices that the family had no savings. He recalls one of the officials asking him about the location of the hidden money. He joins the dots and tries to find the money.

One day while visiting the cemetery, he digs up David’s tombstone in order to find something. He comes across a black diary and investigates it. He sees all the names and the money paid by people in order to get someone killed. Along with that, he finds a key.

A few moments later, Indira visits Bob and asks him questions. Bob too, denies the allegations. Indira informs him about Blue and asks him to be careful about his daughter. He goes home and checks Mini’s room.

While rummaging through the drawer, he finds empty packets of the drugs and confronts Mini. Mini responds rudely but doesn’t accept her mistake.

Bob gets her latest target, Durga Dwivedi. He reaches the location but notices Indira running to her and taking her away. As he turns back to leave, Indira calls his name. She asks him what he was doing, and he informs her that he was seeing a client.

Indira seems skeptical, but nonetheless tells Bob how Durga is doing a great job, trying to eliminate Blue from students’ lives. Bob appreciates Durga’s work and refuses to kill her. His employers ask him why he left the task undone, and he says that he didn’t feel like it.

The officials threaten him to do as asked, and Bob exclaims that they can’t hurt him, otherwise he will give the black diary to the police. He decides that he will leave crime and go back to living a normal life with his family.

The officials go back to their master, and he orders them to find the diary and kill Bob. The next moment, Durga Dwivedi, along with Inspector Indira, comes into his office and asks him to find Ustaad, as their officer, Rahul Khanna, is dead. The officials are shocked to know Rahul was a police officer disguising as the investor.

The boss goes to Ustaad, and tells him about the disguised officer. Ustaad is surprised and ponders upon what to do next. The boss offers him a deal, where he will reveal the killer of Bupai, and Ustaad will get him the black diary. The latter agrees, and the boss gives him Bob’s photo.

Ustaad calls Dhonu and asks him to kill Bob, which he denies. He is killed instantly.

The key

Meanwhile, Bob takes the black diary to Kali Da and asks him about the key he found. Kali Da takes him to a room full of trunks and points to the one which belongs to Bob. The key fits, and he finds a bag full of cash. Taking all the money and returning his gun, Bob decides to lead a normal life.

He goes back home and discovers that Mary came across her late husband’s bracelet from his pocket. She’s asking for answers when Ustaad’s men enter and hit Bob. They ask him about the black diary, but he refuses to reveal the location. They threaten to kill Mary and their son if he lies. In order to protect them, he informs them about the location and the goons leave.

However, after a while, they come back to kill him. As the goon shoots at him, Mary comes in the way and the bullet hits her, killing her instantly. In a rage, Bob picks up a fight and kills off the goons, firing a lot of missed shots. When he turns, he notices his son lying dead beside his mother.

To take revenge, he goes back to Kali Da to procure his gun. He visits the IB officials, kills one of them off while asking the other to take him to Ustaad. He enters Ustaad’s den, killing all his men on the way.

He is about to pull the trigger on Ustaad when the latter calls Mini. Out of drugs, Mini had visited him to procure some. Owing to a misunderstanding, she shoots Bob. Ustaad believes that he has won, but Bob tells Mini the truth about her mother’s death.

She tries to tackle Ustaad but fails. After a brutal fight, Bob kills Ustaad.

Bob and Mini

The movie experiences a six-month time jump, and we see Mini and Bob standing at Mary and Benny’s graves. As evident, both have not been on talking terms, since Mini hasn’t forgiven him for everything that happened.

After she leaves, we see him talking to Mary’s grave about how everything is sad and incomplete, and how he will come to her once Mini is settled. At this very moment, his phone buzzes, and he opens it to check the notification.

The camera turns to his phone, and we see a photograph of Vidya Bagchi (from the movie, Kahaani), and the movie comes to an end.

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