Ilana: That Girl Lay Lay season 2 character explained

In That Girl Lay Lay season 2, a woman named Ilana knocks on Sadie and Lay Lay’s door, claiming that she is the creator of Sadie’s affirmation app.

Since Lay Lay came out of Sadie’s app, Sadie stopped using it altogether. Lay Lay, the avatar who guided her through high school, came to life and became her only best friend.

Sadie still was always worried that someone will find out about Lay Lay and she might become subject to experiments or something far scarier. Nobody came for Lay Lay, but the creator of the app did.

Ilana introduces herself

Ilana quickly barges into Alexander’s residence the moment she tells Lay Lay who she is. Ilana came from Silicon Valley. She lives in California and came to Cleveland to meet Sadie.

Ilana is the daughter of Bob Winter, the CEO of Post-A-Pic, Sadie and Lay Lay’s favorite social media app. About a year ago, he allowed Sadie to launch an app of her own, which became a big disaster.

The app Ilana is talking about is the affirmation app Sadie once used a lot. Sadie was the most active user of the app, and Ilana is here to seek help from her and make one last effort to save her invention.

Ilana controls Lay Lay

To crack down on what went wrong with her app, Ilana shows Sadie and Lay Lay a graph indicating how many people were active on it. Out of the five bars, only one was higher, and it was Sadie’s; she is by far the app’s biggest user.

Ilana: That Girl Lay Lay season 2 character explained 1
Ilana observes a negative Lay Lay

Sadie claims that the app was good, but she didn’t need its help after finding her place in high school. Ilana then asked for her guidance as she interacted with the app’s source code and made changes to it, which affected Lay Lay in real life.

To save Lay Lay, Sadie assured Ilana that the regular look of the app is fine.

Ilana’s relationship with her father

Sadie approves of Ilana’s app, but more than herself, Ilana wants to prove to her father that she is capable. According to Ilana’s father, the app is a dumpster fire.

Sadie feels sorry for Ilana upon hearing that her father isn’t supportive. It turns out that Ilana doesn’t mind him hating her app. She says his negativity is what inspires her.

Ilana even believes that negativity is more motivating than positivity, and to be sure about her motto, she experiments by turning her positive affirmation app into a negative affirmation app.

The new update of the app also changes Lay Lay for good. She becomes rude and starts dressing up like a punk.

Does Ilana shut Lay Lay down?

After observing a negative Lay Lay, Ilana realizes that negativity isn’t good for anyone. She then turns the app back to a positive affirmation app.

She starts considering this last move of hers as another one of her failures, which encourages her to shut the app down. Sadie and Lay Lay fear that they will lose each other if Ilana shuts the app down. They keep Ilana busy at their science fair, hoping that she will change her mind.

Sadie takes the reigns and presents her invention, Shake-It-to-Me-5000, a robot capable of shaking the perfect milkshake, to Ilana. Sadie tells Ilana how many times her invention has failed. Still, Sadie kept going until she fixed it.

Sadie made one last move to start her robot, and it worked, which proved her point. Even Ilana agreed that if her app inspires kids like Sadie, she should never shut it down.

Ilana later proposed this idea to her father, who understood her. He even allowed her to launch a ‘2.0’ version of her app. Ilana dropped by Sadie and Lay Lay’s house to give them this good news.

The good news for Ilana is more like bad news for Lay Lay and Sadie, as they don’t know what new changes Ilana will bring to the app. They are scared that she might bring a completely new personality that might be way worse than the negative version of Lay Lay.

Lay Lay calms Sadie down, and they both assure themselves that whatever this version will be, they will take care of it together.

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