Ichirō Umoregi: Akuma Kun character explained

Ichirō Umoregi is the titular protagonist of Netflix’s horror-fantasy anime, Akuma Kun. The character is voiced by Yūki Kaji.

Ichirō Umoregi is the name for a one-in-a-billion genius who seeks to make a paradise of peace and quiet where humans and demons can coexist with harmony and happiness.

The decamillenium genius

Ichirō is a genius. However, he’s no ordinary genius, he sports the kind of intellect that comes into existence every ten thousand years.

Before him, the first incarnation of Akuma Kun was Shingo, who was Ichirō’s adoptive father. Like the father, the son has an unparalleled sharpness and an ultimate sponge for a mind.

Ichirō contains vast oceans of knowledge inside him, thanks to most of his time being spent huddled up and scanning book after book. He can be spotted reading one book or another most of the time.

His genius is displayed every time he comes down to the arena and has to fight demons, who he can exorcise and send back to their realm by creating summoning circles, all of which he’s taught himself how to create.

His deduction skills are unparalleled as well, and help a lot to crack cases that even the police have a hard time getting to the bottom of.

Eccentric bookworm

Owner of a distinct personality, Ichirō Umoregi is a bookworm of the highest order. Other than that, he’s pretty much an anti-social shut-in.

He runs a detective agency of sorts that deals with supernatural and demonic requests, with his partner Mephisto III. However, he’d rather stay hunched reading all day and night than go out and solve mysteries.

Akuma Kun Mephisto III Ichiro Umoregi
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When requests involve cases that intrigue him, though, he is more than willing to go have a look. When it comes to social interactions, Ichirō is, simply put, a menace.

He has little regard for the common courtesy or social cues that inform much of socializing. He doesn’t understand most of the time when he comes across as rude, blurting out honesty with a dispassionate fervor.

A dark past

He doesn’t know who his biological parents are. As a child, he was abandoned by humans and demons alike. Then a demon named Strophaia took Ichirō Umoregi and raised him.

Strophaia called him Aeshma and tried to snuff out all humanity by having him kill a chained and masked lady. However, he was prevented from doing such an abomination by Shingo, aka the first Akuma Kun.

Shingo later adopts Ichirō and raises him with all the love he has. He later introduces him to his long-time best friend Mephisto II’s son, Mephisto III, who proves to be the most important friend that Ichirō treasures.

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